The 5 Ws and an H of Telemachus Press author, Robert Blake Whitehill: interview with Robert Blake Whitehill, author of Deadrise

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 Robert Blake Whitehill

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 Who I am as a writer?

As a writer, I am the illegitimate offspring of Hiaasen and Bukowski, but it must be said that Lee Child sincerely believed he was my real dad for several years.  Otherwise, I seek to thrill, excite, inform, astound, and rarely, to rant a bit as well.

What motivates me to write?

I absolutely love the English language, and delight in searching for the most powerful way to phrase an idea for maximum effect in the mind of the reader.

Where do I write?

I used to write at home.  As my bride came to understand that I tested various bits and pieces of dialogue out loud for verisimilitude, sometimes really out loud, she invited me to take an office outside the home.  It was that, or couples therapy.  I am writing in this office today. 

Why do I write?

Though I am trained as a pilot, as an emergency medical technician, and as a Ginsu Knife hawker, writing seems to be the only activity that does not put me afoul of any local, state, or federal government agencies or bureaus, or result in citations, fines, or prison time.  At least so far.  When I write, I am completely in the moment, in bliss, and joy.  I write because I love it, and it loves me back.  Yes.  I am writing’s bitch.

When do I write?

I write every weekday in the morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch, for strong coffee, or a quick dash to the loo.  Though when not in front of my computer, I am often mulling over plot points, characterizations, and yes, dialogue, in the musty tetanus-ridden sumps of my cranium. 

How do I write?

Filling a stiff-backed, college-ruled, legal tablet used to be the perfect length first draft of a feature film script.  Transcribing that draft into the computer became draft number two.  Now, everything starts on the computer from word one, whether it’s a book, a feature script, or for television.

 About Robert

Robert Blake Whitehill is a Maryland Eastern Shore native, and an award-winning screenwriter at the Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Hudson Valley Film Festival. He is also an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation award winner for his feature script U.X.O. (UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE). Whitehill has written many highly-rated episodes of true crime documentaries for Discovery, including The New Detectives. DEADRISE is his first novel.


DEADRISE can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paper and all ebook formats.

Author Inscribed and autographed copies of DEADRISE can be obtained from Watchung Booksellers.  Call 973.744.7177 and tell them to whom the book is to be inscribed, and I'll drop by the store right away to take care of it.  DEADRISE will then be shipped to you or another recipient per your instructions.  Gift-wrapping is available.

Cyrus Webb has named DEADRISE in the Conversations Book Club Top 100 Books of 2012.  Considering that 1,100 books are put out each and every day of the year, sharing this honor with 100 other writers is no mean thing.  (And only 50 of those 100 books are fiction, so the honor is even sweeter!)