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Working with Telemachus Press was absolutely seamless and stress-free.

-Ken Seifer-a U.S. Foreign Service Officer and a Telemachus Press Author

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After 24 children’s books with Steve, Terri and the Telemachus crew I can't say anything but good about them. It’s been a long haul and they've been with me every step of the way. There are easily over 500 illustrations in these books and all have been formatted perfectly. They knew where the illustrations fit in the stories and did it. There are 60 different stories in the 5 'Animal Tails' books and again everything was exact. I've never had one complaint about anything in all the years I've been with them. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new author, from my experience with Telemachus you can't go wrong. The book you want is the one you'll get. Guaranteed.

KC Remington , Author and Illustrator of Webbster and Button Series

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Our Editing Services. Your final product, your book, should reflect perfection. Errors of any kind leave the reader with a poor impression. You want your book to be professional in every way. A high-quality editor is the author’s objective observer. A first-class editor not only spots typos, misspellings and grammatical errors, but can wield a strong red pen. Sometimes you have to lose fifty pages from your book, your baby, but you can’t do it. The editor will guide you through the process. Is it worth the price of a good editor? At Telemachus Press, the choice is yours. For information on the three types of editing services we offer, Learn More >>

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Telemachus Press is a "work for hire" author services epublishing company. What makes us different than a vanity press? You keep 100% of your royalties and receive complete sales reporting. All material that we create on your behalf belongs to you — it's your property. We store all working copies of your book (interior and cover files) on a secure FTP site where you have access to your work 24/7. You don't need our permission to retrieve a copy of your files. We set up all eBook accounts in your name. It's your book - access sales reports and keep all royalties. Some of our channel partners are listed below. We work for you.