About Our Editing Services

Basic Copyediting/Proofreading:

  • Typographical errors
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Other mechanics
  • Clarity

Cost: $.025 - $.035 per word

Line Editing:

(includes a rough pass and then a thorough line-by-line edit for clarification as well as smoother language) A line edit consists of:
  • All of the above plus . . .
  • Tone
  • Rhythm/flow
  • Dialogue/phraseology
  • Word choice/language
  • Tense maintenance
  • Point-of-view
  • Manuscript structure, configuration

Cost: $.04 - $.055 per word

Developmental/Substantive Editing:

(representative issues are addressed, i.e., improved dialogue)
  • Presentation
  • Awareness of genre/audience
  • Consistency in style/voice
  • Consistency in character development
  • Consistency in setting (where applicable)
  • Organization of content/structure (timeline)
  • Creative development/assistance (Consistency of
    theme/plot/over-arching idea)

Cost: estimates offered based on writing sample provided by author.

This type of editing is done previous to any other editing.
A separate fee scale is established.

The Editor's Blog


Don’t depend on spell check.  It doesn’t catch misused words and it often makes suggestions that are incorrect.  Be careful.  Find a good editor.  I read a very funny and well-told story recently that offers a great example of the ‘spell check spell.’  

The first problem I encountered:  I couldn’t find the book because the author had misspelled her own name on the link she had sent out.  The book will remain nameless for additional reasons that will become obvious momentarily.   My note to the author’s friend who suggested the book:

   The author has a good story and a catchy writing style. But she has many errors in the book:  punctuation, spelling, grammar, misuse of words and more. This detracts from any good manuscript. 

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Cannibalizing Grammar

Did the grand idea behind Little Red Riding Hood develop because of bad grammar? Was Hannibal Lecter created because of a simple misplaced comma?  Let's explore.

In a past blog I discussed the difference that a space could make.  Today I’ll demonstrate the difference that a comma can make.  The word comma comes directly from the Greek word komma (κόμμα), which means something cut off or a short clause.

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What Are They Saying About Our Editing Services?

"When I submitted my book to Telemachus I fully believed it was ready for immediate publication. I had five readers, whom I felt were skilled in editing, review the document. They sent back changes and corrections which I followed carefully, making the recommended changes.

I reacted negatively when Steve Jackson recommended that I have the book edited professionally by their staff. I felt the book was well edited and I disliked the delay in publishing the editing would cause. After much discussion about the importance of having a high quality publication, I gave in and agreed to have the book skillfully edited.

I now acknowledge that it was the correct decision. There were needed corrections on about every page of the book and I was delighted with the results."
Alfred J. Zacher
Author of “PRESIDENTIAL POWER in Troubled Second Terms”