We Care

It was the most outrageous emails to come along in years. One of our new authors shared with us a missive from his previous, self-publishing partner. Allow us to share a little history that culminated in this truly amazing email.

The primary reason that our new author had abandoned his previous self-publishing partner was abysmal customer care. Although this lack of client concern, and from a major player in self-publishing, had manifested itself in may areas, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back was the formatting failure that was his eBook. The author, still stinging from a mediocre print-on-demand effort, viewed his book on a plain vanilla Kindle and was in shock. As with way too many ebooks, the quality was terrible - as if no one cared! While we cringe at the more subtle failures in eBook formatting, this example was one of the all to familiar eBook disasters. There were entire sections where each line consisted of but one word with each stacked in a column of confusion. Many lines ended for some reason in the middle of the screen and then the sentence just disappeared. The failures were too numerous to count and the eBook a total train wreck. The only greater disappointment than the eBook format was the publisher's attitude. And now, back to the emails and the total abandonment of customer care.

Our author, whose contact with his publishing partner was limited to email, sent one off voicing his displeasure (again) and awaited a return email promising to fix the eBook disaster. What he received in lieu of this was the email that he shared with us. It was short and to the point. The body of the email basically said that although there were some anomalies in the eBook format, the book was readable EVEN GIVEN THE LINES WITH ONLY ONE WORD. There were no plans to reformat the eBook. Wow………

At Telemachus Press, every stage in our process is concluded with a quality assurance step and consistent communication with our author. This does not mean that we are incapable of mistakes or missing something, but we can assure you that our final product will meet your standard of quality and that we will care. Telling an author that we recognized our failure but there is nothing we will do to fix it is contrary to everything we believe.

We've always believed that anyone or any organization can make a mistake. That's OK. The way we measure someone or their organization is how they recover from a mistake. Our competitors failure, their total lack of customer care, has allowed us to work with a truly great author who respects our standards.

What Are They Saying?

"Telemachus Press published my first novel in January, 2012. Every step of the way was a pleasure and joy to work with Telemachus Press! I love the dedication each person displayed that I was involved with in the publishing process and they were all so awesome. They definitely went above and beyond with me, and I know they will with you, too. I will definitely be back."
K. S. Collier
Author of "The Veil"
YA Paranormal Romance