Book Publishing: Authors in Transition!

Life for a traditionally published author was simple. Not very lucrative except for the very best selling authors, but simple. From the author’s perspective, the chain from author to reader was almost completely hidden. As depicted in the image number 1, the literary agent who “handles everything” blocks the author from the other participants! A nice arrangement if you are one of the very few who will sell millions of books and are happy with a royalty of 90 cents per book. For the authors who do not sell in the millions, this is a very expensive model. For the vast majority of very good writers who never cracked the literary agent barrier, much of this is a mystery.

Telemachus Press epublishing | Supply Chains

In today’s world of authors taking matters into their own hands, they need to understand the chain of partners necessary to get their book into the hands of readers.

You might haven noticed that I have referred to the publishing process as a chain. More precisely, it’s a “Supply Chain.” Supply chains have existed in many markets for many years. Those organizations and individuals that succeed in these markets know the chain well and manipulate it to their advantage. So to be a successful, independently published author you need to immediately change your way of thinking. See image number 2. Stop planning on being dominated by a literary agent who knows everything. (Big secret, many of them don’t.) You need to think like a businessperson launching a new product. You need a plan. You need partners to help out in any area where you need assistance. You need partners who can carry the load so you can get back to writing!

Telemachus Press epublishing | Supply Chains

Telemachus Press is your best choice in Publishing Services Partners! We will make your book perfect as both an eBook and a print-on-demand book. In addition to what we can provide (and check out our better-than-anyone-else’s profit back to you!), you will need a promotions plan that you can either implement on you own or we can direct you to a great resource.

It takes three components to succeed. You must write a great book. We must deliver it to the market with perfection. And, finally, the world must find out about your book. You have to think like a quarterback or a chess master. Get your team together and put your pieces in place to win. We promise to do our part.

Telemachus Press. Check us out.

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