Parchment & Quills

Welcome to Parchment & Quills, the Telemachus Press blog by Joanne “Jo” Lewis, Author Advisor for Telemachus Press.

The 5 Ws and an H of Jo

Who is Jo?

I am an author and an attorney who has published several novels with Telemachus Press and plan on publishing more. When TP asked me to join their team as Author Advisor, I did not hesitate to say yes. Not only do I have the best job in the world as a writer who gets to speak to other writers, but I am also an attorney who represents the best interests of children. I write murder mysteries and historical novels and am the author of Wicked Good; Make Your Own Luck, a Remy Summer Woods Mystery; and The Lantern, a Renaissance Mystery.

What does an Author Advisor do?

Umm, interesting question. Trouble is, the answer varies depending on the moment. Here are some of the things I do: I speak to other authors about TP and our services; I talk about writing, formatting, editing and cover art; I answer questions regarding other work-for-hire publishers and explain why TP is the best press of all of them; and I laugh. A lot.

Where do I work?

Wherever there is Internet connection – so pretty much everywhere.

Why Parchment & Quills?

The name for this blog is a throwback to when writing was dipping a sharp point into plant dye and forming words on stretched and flattened hide. It’s also a reference to my passion, which is the study of all things related to the Italian Renaissance. The purpose of this blog is to get the word out about TP and our amazing authors. Parchment & Quills will include blog posts by me, featured authors (The Ws and an H of our authors), and a list of events for our authors, which we will post on the last day of each month for the upcoming month.

When do I work?

24/7 is an exaggeration. But 18/7 is not.

How do I work?

With diligence, care and honesty. I endeavor to answer all questions quickly and concisely. C’mon, test me. E-mail me at

If you are already a TP author and are ready to publish your next book, let me know. If you want to refer authors to TP, please give them my email address.

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