Where Will My Book Go?

Telemachus Press epublishing | Where Will My Book Go?
  1. Your manuscript is received by the Telemachus Press Production Team
    • Completed, Edited, Word for Windows Format Preferred
  2. The manuscript becomes part of the Telemachus Press Workflow Process
    • The eBook is formatted
  3. The Cover is Designed (and ISBN number is included for eBook)
    • We discuss cover concepts with you. You may provide artwork, or we will purchase it on your behalf at your expense.
  4. You receive a PDF proof of both the eBook and Cover.
  5. You approve the eBook.
  6. The eBook is uploaded to:
    • Amazon
    • Smashwords
    • Nook
    • iPad
    • Kobo
    • and more . . .
  7. The manuscript now returns to production for interior formatting for paperback book.
  8. The cover is now expanded and designed for a paperback book (including ISBN number).
  9. You receive a PDF proof for both the interior and cover for paperback book.
  10. You approve the proof to go to print.
  11. The interior and cover electronic files are uploaded to Lighting Source Inc.Lightning Source produces a proof.
  12. Telemachus Press receives a copy of the proof.
  13. Telemachus Press provides a quality inspection and approves the proof.
  14. The book is immediately for sale to the author at direct cost.
  15. The book begins its journey into the Ingram Distribution Channel.

Our Channel Partners

Telemachus Press helps you set up all publishing accounts in your name. It's your book - you get direct access sales reports and keep all royalties.

Telemachus Press has selected Amazon KDP and Smashwords as their primary eBook distributors. Smashwords is an eBook retail and distribution platform, serving authors, publishers, readers and major eBook retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and more...

We use Lightning Source and/or CreateSpace for our Print on Demand publishing. Lightning Source (a division of Ingram Content Group), is the premier POD manufacturer and distributor to bookstores both domestic and abroad.