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Leave Me Alone!

Leave me alone

Just for the record, I would like all telemarketers to note that: 

• Next time adjust your headset before calling me, not after I pick up; 
• I do not want to consolidate my student loans…in fact I don’t remember having any student loans; 
• Since I am pretty sure I have never stayed at your resort, how could I possibly have won a free 3-day stay for being a repeat customer; and 
• For the love of God, just let my vehicle warranty expire. I don’t care. With all the “clutter” how does an author who is legitimately trying to let the world know about their book reach their target audience? 

Here are a few ideas: 
• Target Audience – Don’t start writing until you know who you are writing for and what you were trying to say to them. Know everything about them and how to reach them. 
• Plan your Attack – A series of well-planned actions are much better than the random, “flavor of the day” approach. 
• Spend Money Wisely – There are plenty of economical (read cheap) ways to reach your target audience without necessarily taking out a quarter page ad in the NYTimes. Be sure to explore and use them. 
• Get Reviews (they are free!) – Readers often rely on reviews during their purchasing process. Ask everyone who reads the book to leave a review (hopefully a positive one) on each of the popular Internet sales sites. 
• Never Give Up! – You never know which of your marketing tools will resonate with your target audience. A multifaceted, but coordinated approach is best. If one path comes to a dead end, choose another. 

Remember, except for family and friends, no one is waiting for your book to hit the shelves… unless you create some interest through marketing. So get out there and make some noise!

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