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You may not know what it’s called, but you’ve heard it all before.  Some of the best satire originates with a malapropism, the misuse of similar sounding words.  George W. Bush was the king of malapropisms, so much so that the word “bushism” was born.  Dan Quayle was a close second.  There are myriad celebrity malapropisms.  More on this later. 

When I was a young mother I held a job as an assistant in the contract negotiations office for a large organization.

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It seems to happen more and more often.  We receive manuscripts from authors containing materials from third parties.  The majority of the time, the included material is properly cited with appropriate permissions attached.  Sometimes, however, material is embedded in the manuscript without sufficient diligence on the part of the author.

I have asked my good friend and trusted attorney, John Hardin Young, to comment on compliance with basic intellectual property rights as they apply to the independently published author.

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