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Are You A "Real" Publisher?
We are often asked whether or not Telemachus Press is a “real" publisher. The answer is, of course we are!

With Telemachus Press:
  • your book will be professionally formatted for eBook, hard cover or soft cover
  • Covers will be designed using licensed/owned images you provide or stock images combined for a unique look
  • eBooks will be converted for display on Kindle devices as well as ePub readers
  • ISBNs will be assigned and a Library of Congress Control Number assigned upon request.
  • Books can be distributed through Ingram Content Group’s Lightning Source Inc. (or CreateSpace if desired), Amazon KDP, or Smashwords (or even direct to Nook Press, iTunes and Kobo)
  • Your book will be available to all popular online book retailers and traditional book retailers if desired

What makes us unique is that:
  • You keep all royalties
  • You keep all rights
  • You have significant control of the process
  • You get to make all marketing decisions

Its that simple. Learn more by visiting us at or email us at

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Leave Me Alone!

Leave me alone

Just for the record, I would like all telemarketers to note that: 

• Next time adjust your headset before calling me, not after I pick up; 
• I do not want to consolidate my student loans…in fact I don’t remember having any student loans; 
• Since I am pretty sure I have never stayed at your resort, how could I possibly have won a free 3-day stay for being a repeat customer; and 
• For the love of God, just let my vehicle warranty expire. I don’t care. With all the “clutter” how does an author who is legitimately trying to let the world know about their book reach their target audience? 

Here are a few ideas: 
• Target Audience – Don’t start writing until you know who you are writing for and what you were trying to say to them. Know everything about them and how to reach them. 
• Plan your Attack – A series of well-planned actions are much better than the random, “flavor of the day” approach. 
• Spend Money Wisely – There are plenty of economical (read cheap) ways to reach your target audience without necessarily taking out a quarter page ad in the NYTimes. Be sure to explore and use them. 
• Get Reviews (they are free!) – Readers often rely on reviews during their purchasing process. Ask everyone who reads the book to leave a review (hopefully a positive one) on each of the popular Internet sales sites. 
• Never Give Up! – You never know which of your marketing tools will resonate with your target audience. A multifaceted, but coordinated approach is best. If one path comes to a dead end, choose another. 

Remember, except for family and friends, no one is waiting for your book to hit the shelves… unless you create some interest through marketing. So get out there and make some noise!

Contact Telemachus Press today for a free conversation about your book. 

An informed author chooses Telemachus Press.

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Holy Crap! I Married A Farmer! by Jolene Brown

Holy Crap! I Married a Farmer! delivers eye-opening moments, treasured memories, and just plain laughter. In these entertaining chapters, you'll discover that juggling farm life with a smile can save your sanity--and your marriage. Who better than Sisters in Agriculture to share experiences about breakdowns and parts runs, family in-laws and farm priorities, money and communication. Their caring hearts, enduring spirits, and witty wisdom will get you through the toughest days on the farm.

Inside this book you'll find answers to questions we women on the farm always wondered about but had no one to ask. The stories are filled with insights and real-life reasons to laugh. As one reader shared, "Being married to a farmer is like riding a roller coaster in an amusement park. There will be peaks of joy and celebration...and valleys of stress and frustration. But in Holy Crap! I Married a Farmer! Jolene reminds me that I can enjoy the ride!"

Available now on Amazon!

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The 5 Ws and an H of Telemachus Press author  Robert Blake Whitehill a monthly series featuring Telemachus Press authors Listen to Robert's radio interview on December 13, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. EST  Log in to hear it live at or if you miss it live, please go to archives to hear the replay.    Who I am as a writer? As a writer, I am the illegitimate offspring of Hiaasen and Bukowski, but it...

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It seems to happen more and more often.  We receive manuscripts from authors containing materials from third parties.  The majority of the time, the included material is properly cited with appropriate permissions attached.  Sometimes, however, material is embedded in the manuscript without sufficient diligence on the part of the author.

I have asked my good friend and trusted attorney, John Hardin Young, to comment on compliance with basic intellectual property rights as they apply to the independently published author.

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I tell it to our authors all of the time!  It takes three things to be a successful, independently published author:  1.  You have to write a great book!; 2. We have to deliver your book as a professional print and eBook in all channels (We will – count on it!); and 3. The world has to find out about your book.  

Part 1 is up to you.  You need to assess your work, get feedback from others who will be honest with you and help make your work the best it can be.  If you're writing fiction, select a topic to frame your story that is exciting, timely and maybe even controversial.  The recent success of Fifty Shades of Gray proved again that controversy can really sell a lot of books.

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We Made You Out of Love“We Made You Out of Love” - Jeffrey was a happy, content little boy, until the day he stumbled upon the greatest mystery of all…THE STORY OF HIS BIRTH! Now, join him and his family as they travel through Jeffrey’s imagination: battling giant robots, discovering slimy aliens and uncovering magical gingerbread men…all while trying to uncover where it is Jeffrey actually came from. Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Greg Marconi and Michael Marconi have crafted a funny, exciting, and heartwarming story that will give children a satisfying answer to the question: “Where did I come from?” years before they are ready to learn about the facts of life.

Parents who are not ready to get into the nitty gritty details of baby making will like “We Made You Out of Love“. The book gives children ages 3 & up age-appropriate, non-graphic explanations for the never ending stream of questions that tend to begin around pre-school. For younger children the book answers many questions they may have, but not deal with topics they’re not old enough to comprehend. For older children, “We Made You Out of Love” is a great way to broach the subject of reproduction, and it allows individual parents to decide how much or how little of the technical details they feel their child is ready for.

“We Made You Out of Love” is filled with breathtaking artwork, comedic situations and it combines the perfect amount of information and entertainment woven into a truly heartwarming story. “We Made You Out of Love” is the perfect story and learning tool for all families, one that children are going to want to read again and again…for years and years to come.

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When it comes to money, we hate being surprised by unexpected and unplanned costs. And boy do we hear from angry authors who have been surprised by bait-and-switch artists in self-publishing. We’d be plenty mad, too!

At Telemachus Press, we value our author relationships and pride ourselves in being completely upfront about what it will be like to work with us. We want you to know about all aspects of our upcoming relationship, especially what the actual cost will be to publish your book. Just so you know, there are only three places where you can spend money with us. Only three – no surprises.

The first is our publishing services fee. For eBooks it is $1,495 and for a Print-on-Demand Soft Cover, the fee is $2,495. If you are interested in both eBook and POD, the total fee is $3,795.

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Simon & Schuster in Sales & Distribution Agreement with John Locke — Telemachus Press will continue to Publish eBooks.

John LockeNEW YORK, August 22—John Locke, the New York Times bestselling author and the first self-published author in history to sell 1 million ebooks, has entered an exclusive agreement with Simon & Schuster for the sales and distribution of physical editions of his popular Donovan Creed novels. The novels will be published by John Locke Books and will be available for purchase wherever physical books are sold beginning February 2012.

While the million-plus sales of his digital editions put him in the company of a few select well-known, traditionally published authors such as Michael Connelly, Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Nora Roberts, the agreement with Simon & Schuster marks the first time physical editions of Locke’s Donovan Creed titles will be widely available in both brick and mortar and online outlets. To date, there have been eight novels in the Donovan Creed series, all of which will be available under the distribution agreement, with more titles to follow.

“Not only does John Locke write terrific novels, he clearly knows his audience and has a deep understanding of how to reach them,” said Stephen Black, Vice President, Client Publisher Services for Simon & Schuster. “We are very excited that we can now help to expand John’s readership to include those millions of readers who still savor the joys of sitting down for a few hours of entertainment with a traditional paperback book. It is a win-win for all concerned.”

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Telemachus Press is a “work for hire” author services company — a new delivery model in the publishing world that stands fully apart from the the traditional publishing houses and the realm of the vanity press. To better understand where we fit in the publishing world, neither a traditional house nor a vanity press, authors, agents and publishers need to open their minds to a new and exciting avenue for both new authors and for authors bringing back traditionally published material that had gone out of print.

Historically, a hopeful author who had not been successful in either directly getting the attention of a publisher or landing a literary agent, might consider approaching a vanity press to have some number of books printed for personal distribution. This approach was only available to authors with significant resource as it was easy to spend $10,000 to $20,000 on a short run of books. At the same time, the traditional publishing world was still a tightly controlled funnel guarded by literary agents with divine powers selecting authors based upon one page query letters. Given the track record of these very same agents at picking winners, these heavenly bestowed powers have always seemed questionable. Irrespective of the mechanism employed, one truism remains. Only good books sell in numbers of any significance.

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