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Informed authors choose Telemachus Press. Our authors know we have the best value proposition in the industry. You will make more money and have the lowest total cost working with us than you would with anyone else. That is, of course, unless you plan on selling fewer than 150 books.  Not the objective for a successful author.

So, what would we have to change in order to reduce our price to $499?

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We Made You Out of Love“We Made You Out of Love” - Jeffrey was a happy, content little boy, until the day he stumbled upon the greatest mystery of all…THE STORY OF HIS BIRTH! Now, join him and his family as they travel through Jeffrey’s imagination: battling giant robots, discovering slimy aliens and uncovering magical gingerbread men…all while trying to uncover where it is Jeffrey actually came from. Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Greg Marconi and Michael Marconi have crafted a funny, exciting, and heartwarming story that will give children a satisfying answer to the question: “Where did I come from?” years before they are ready to learn about the facts of life.

Parents who are not ready to get into the nitty gritty details of baby making will like “We Made You Out of Love“. The book gives children ages 3 & up age-appropriate, non-graphic explanations for the never ending stream of questions that tend to begin around pre-school. For younger children the book answers many questions they may have, but not deal with topics they’re not old enough to comprehend. For older children, “We Made You Out of Love” is a great way to broach the subject of reproduction, and it allows individual parents to decide how much or how little of the technical details they feel their child is ready for.

“We Made You Out of Love” is filled with breathtaking artwork, comedic situations and it combines the perfect amount of information and entertainment woven into a truly heartwarming story. “We Made You Out of Love” is the perfect story and learning tool for all families, one that children are going to want to read again and again…for years and years to come.

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