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Informed authors choose Telemachus Press. Our authors know we have the best value proposition in the industry. You will make more money and have the lowest total cost working with us than you would with anyone else. That is, of course, unless you plan on selling fewer than 150 books.  Not the objective for a successful author.

So, what would we have to change in order to reduce our price to $499?

  1. Other than a first call or two with a call center sales rep, don’t plan on talking to anyone during the development of your book. It will be email only. That is, of course, until the time comes for an upsell. You’ll get a phone call then!
  2. Your cover will be a simple, one-image, solid color spine and back.  You will not have the opportunity to provide input on the creation of your book’s cover.  Hope you like it.  You’re stuck with it!
  3. One eBook format that will be uploaded to different eBook reader sites.  It will look OK on one of them, the remainder, not so good.
  4. We will keep your publishing rights – all of them.  Should your efforts, not ours, to promote your book prove fruitful, we will keep the majority of your book profits.
  5. We will calculate your net book profits after loading them up with dubious costs and give you a small percentage of what’s left over.
  6. We will have to charge you well beyond actual costs for those books that you would like to have for book signings.

We shared the above with some of our authors and had a good laugh. The ones who started with the low-ball price, bait-and-switch shops did emphatically request that we not change our ways. They really value the Apple-quality product with the Nordstrom-level of service that we deliver. No worries. We refuse to be anything but the best.

Get the customer care you deserve. Keep all of your book profits. Stay in control. Work with a partner, not a call center. Find out why the most successful, independently published authors choose Telemachus Press. Informed authors do just that. Call us. The numbers don’t lie.