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Age With a Giggle by Sharyn Chapman

Age With a Giggle by Sharyn Chapman

AGE WITH A GIGGLE was written to assist all women who are searching for a way to cope with aging and the plethora of woman's issues that we are faced with every day. Women come in every size, shape and color and although we are paradoxically different, we are truly the same. Our experiences might change because of the zillion and twelve variables in our individual lives but our issues, feeling and desires remain constant. We are complex bodies of love and good deeds who very often shortchange ourselves. We find a benchmark and think it has to be our standard. We hate the changes we see in the mirror as the years pass by and feel we must struggle to hold on to our youth. Why? If anyone can make lemonade from wilted, sagging and dried up lemons, a woman can. Why let old scars and ridiculous habits mar the surface of our thinking. Change is possible and by using humor it is probable. If we begin each day feeling like we are going into gum surgery, how can we feel joy? Re-ignite your ability to laugh and exhume the lightheartedness that you buried so many years ago! By the way, all the profits from this book are being donated to charity. Now, doesn't that make you smile???

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