The Telemachus Press Blog


When it comes to money, we hate being surprised by unexpected and unplanned costs. And boy do we hear from angry authors who have been surprised by bait-and-switch artists in self-publishing. We’d be plenty mad, too!

At Telemachus Press, we value our author relationships and pride ourselves in being completely upfront about what it will be like to work with us. We want you to know about all aspects of our upcoming relationship, especially what the actual cost will be to publish your book. Just so you know, there are only three places where you can spend money with us. Only three – no surprises.

The first is our publishing services fee. For eBooks it is $1,495 and for a Print-on-Demand Soft Cover, the fee is $2,495. If you are interested in both eBook and POD, the total fee is $3,795.

The second is editing/proofreading services. We charge two cents per word.

And the third is the license of cover art for your cover. Most of our authors spend between $25 and $50 for the rights to use imagery for a great cover. We help them in the selection process.

That’s it. Only three cost areas to consider when deciding whether or not to engage Telemachus Press. If your work has been edited and if you have cover art that you would like to use, then all you will pay is the publishing services fee. We ask for a 50% deposit to get started and don’t ask for a penny more until we are finished with your book. We don’t take a penny of your royalties, you own everything we create for you and you keep all of your publishing rights in all media in all geographies.

We promise, all of us here at Telemachus Press, never to surprise you with any additional costs – ever!

In future blogs, I will expand on what you get in each of these three areas.