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I get a lot of emails from writers that go something like this:

"What is the price to self-publish an ebook with Telemachus Press?"


“How much does it cost to do eBook and print on demand with you?”

Each time I receive an email that asks the cost, I hesitate. It’s not that I don’t want to respond. Of course, I do. I want to jump from the rooftops and state the cost and why TP is the best option. But not everybody wants to hear that. They just want to know the price without understanding the value of our business model, which is designed for you—the writer—to keep the most amount of money possible from the sale of your book.

But when some writers see the price, they hit “delete” without further examination or explanation since, on the surface, our price might appear more expensive compared to other self-publishers. But that is not true.

Here is the truth:

We charge a flat fee that appears higher than other

self-publishing companies, but it is not.

Another truth:

We are the best value on the market.

What that means in plain speak is that you will not only pay less upfront than most other companies offering the same (or less) services than us, but you will receive more money in your pocket from the sale of your books.

How is this possible? 

Because you keep 100 percent of your royalties.

Let me write that again: 

You keep 100 percent of your royalties.

What else? 

You keep 100 percent of the rights to your book and the cover art.

It gets even better: 

We have live human beings formatting each book and not machines.

Let me write that again too: 

Live human beings and not machines handle every step 

of publication of your book. 

Your book is NEVER outsourced.

And even better than that: At TP, each author is assigned an account manager who oversees a professional and expert team of graphic artists, formatters, up loaders and production assistants. And if you want to speak with Steve Himes, the partner in charge of production, you can. Imagine speaking to the head honcho at CreateSpace or iUniverse? Not going to happen; but at TP it can and does every day.

So, from a dollar perspective, what does the LOW cost of publishing with Telemachus Press look like practically speaking?

Let’s start with an eBook:

With TP, you set the price and you keep all of the royalties after the distributor (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) takes their share.

With print on demand (POD):

If you have a 200-page book priced at $9.95, you will net about $4.46 per book with TP after printing costs. Compare this to netting around 50 cents per book with other standard self-publishers.

If you have a 300-page book priced at $14.95, you will net approximately $7.16 per book with TP versus about $1.24 per book with other standard self-publishers.

Let’s dig deeper into the POD world:

If you sell 1,000 copies, with TP, you will keep $1,965.00 for a 200-page book and $4,665.00 for a 300-page book. With other self-publishers, those earnings are, respectively, a loss of $1,495.00 for a 200-page book and a loss of $760.00 for a 300-page book.

To read more about this, please go to: 

How You Make More Money With Telemachus Press!

Is this picture clear to you? You might spend a little more upfront, or you might not, but either way this is what you get in return for the LOW cost of publishing with Telemachus Press:

1.       An amazing staff of professional, live human beings (no computers, not outsourced) who stay in constant contact with you and are available to answer all of your questions at almost any time of the day,

2.       Graphic artists who create wonderful and attractive covers, which you own the rights to,

3.       Formatting for all platforms, including multiple levels of quality control,

4.       Opening all of your accounts,

5.        Uploading to all of your accounts,

6.       You keep all of the rights to your book and your artwork,

7.       You keep 100 percent of your royalties, which equals more money in your pocket, and

8.        A whole lot more.*

What is the LOW cost of publishing with Telemachus Press?

EBook: $1,495.00

POD, soft cover: $2,495.00

POD, hardcover: $2,995.00

EBook and soft cover combo: $3,795.00

EBook, soft cover and hardcover combo: $5,790.00

We ask for 50 percent up front and do not ask for the remaining amount until your book is completed to your satisfaction.

If you still think TP is more expensive than other self-publishers, I ask that you dig a little deeper into what those companies are really offering, including the bait and switch tactic where they lure you in with a low price, but then add costs for other services that are already included in our flat fee until the dollars equal or surpass our price. We will always charge one flat fee with no bait and switch.**

If you still aren’t convinced that TP is the best work-for-hire publisher, please email me at or call me at 954-465-5166 so we can discuss the LOW cost of publishing with Telemachus Press.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly, Jo

*What else, you might ask? We provide your completed eBook and POD in a very timely manner; our staff cares about how your book looks, including photographs and graphics; every detail of your book is reviewed multiple times by many eyes; you will have the same publisher as million sales authors such as John Locke and Lawrence Block.

**Other than the flat fee services mentioned above, TP offers other services for an additional cost: editing, book trailer and Spanish language translation. More on those services in future blog posts.

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