The Telemachus Press Blog

I tell it to our authors all of the time!  It takes three things to be a successful, independently published author:  1.  You have to write a great book!; 2. We have to deliver your book as a professional print and eBook in all channels (We will – count on it!); and 3. The world has to find out about your book.  

Part 1 is up to you.  You need to assess your work, get feedback from others who will be honest with you and help make your work the best it can be.  If you're writing fiction, select a topic to frame your story that is exciting, timely and maybe even controversial.  The recent success of Fifty Shades of Gray proved again that controversy can really sell a lot of books.  

Part 2 is on us.  You can count on us as a partner that will deliver a product that will align you with the pros!  Along the way to creating your print and eBook you will be involved and become a part of our team.   I checked, and we seem to have, on average, about 80 interactions with our authors during the publishing process.

Part 3 is the one that gives most of our authors some pause.  How do I get the world to notice my book?  I see a lot of well written and very commercially viable books from our authors.  The ones that sell in number are the ones that are properly promoted.  Just having a page on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes isn't enough.  Unless people are talking about your title or about you as the author, no one will look your book up and consider buying it.

In the past we have provided some informal guidance to help out our authors when they ask about how to go about part 3.  It is our plan to add more in this area by inviting guest bloggers to help explain the many mechanisms that you might employ to get your book out there!  Watch our blogs!  I am pleased to announce that one of the first guest bloggers will be Michael Ray Dresser, the host of Dresser After Dark.  I'm not going to steal Michael's thunder and will let him tell you about reaching an audience through radio interviews.  He helped me with my book and was fundamental to its launch!

Stay tuned…….