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Who I am as a writer? I’m still a kid at heart and still remember my sense of awe when I saw Star Trek for the first time. In writing and reading and viewing I indulge my tastes as an adult who hasn’t outgrown adventure stories of capable heroes and happy endings.

What motivates me to write? I’m motivated to create stories and styles that I’ve searched for but don’t see in today’s literature. My heroes aren’t angst ridden but  what they are is kind of funny. They don’t take themselves too seriously. And now that I’ve found a niche of likeminded readers I’m very gratified to please them.

Where do I write? I have a home office with all the things I need to conduct my business searching for talent but it’s also tricked out with Sci-fi memorabilia like statuettes of Robbie the Robot, Darth Vader and all the things that remind me I’m a boy in a man’s body.

Why do I write?  Writing satisfies a need for my creative mind the same way physical activity does for my physical self. And I’d like to think I’m contributing something to the national or international discourse too.  Foreign leaders could use a good dose of upbeat sci-fi. Are you listening Kim Jong Un?

When do I write? I write at night. 

About Michael: 

Michael J Foy was born to Irish immigrants in upstate New York. At 4 and then again at 12 years old his parents moved the family to London for a year before returning to the U.S. and permanently settling in the Boston area. Michael graduated Northeastern University in 1979 with an engineering degree and worked in that profession until 1992. In 1993 he changed careers and became a recruiter servicing the publishing industry. He founded Publishing Search Solutions in 1997 where he has worked with various clients including special assignments outside of the media industry.

Michael is the author of the science fiction novels Future Perfect, The Kennedy Effect and Ghosts of Forgotten Empires, Volume 1.

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