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      Gosh, this is one question I get all the time. Why should I publish with Telemachus Press? Why shouldn't I use another work-for-hire publisher? When I get these questions and more, a gazillion thoughts race through my mind. The first usually is, how can I share with these authors the benefits and beauty of publishing with Telemachus Press?

      What I want to do is show them my three novels that I published with them as an author before I became their Author Advisor. I must have emailed my account manager daily with questions that she patiently answered. And my books are beautifully produced, if I do say so myself. 

      Then I want to tell the authors about the people who own and work for Telemachus Press. The Steves are the owners. They are hands-on owners that you can actually communicate with and who truly put our authors first. Then there are the account managers, cover artists, editors, formatters, uploaders, and more who work diligently to produce the best book possible for you. And don't forget the Author Advisor (me!). We are live, loving and caring people who treat our authors' books as if they are our own babies.

      Next I want to talk about how there is no game playing at Telemachus Press. No bait and switch. One flat fee covers all of our services. The only exceptions are that there are extra fees if an author chooses editing, video book trailer and Spanish language translation.

      And then there is so much more, like:

- Publishing Quality Excellence: World class eBook and

Print on Demand (POD) book publishing and distribution –

we will not publish without your complete satisfaction and


- Higher Book Profits: Authors retain 100% of rights and

royalties, keeping all of the profits for themselves

- More Time Saved: We handle all formatting, conversion,

cover creation and uploading challenges so authors can

spend their time writing

- Beautiful Cover Designs: We work with authors to create

beautiful cover designs that fulfill the vision of the book

- Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

o We are true partners with our authors

o We work with the highest of ethics and integrity

o No hidden fees – ever!

o We deliver quality eBooks and POD books

o We keep you informed!

o We work for you!

      Email me at or call me at 941-504-5496. 

      Let's talk about writing and publishing.

Warmly, Jo

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