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A.K. Taylor

Who I am as a writer?

I am an adventurous person as a writer in and out of the book. I like to go to other worlds.  I also like to write about the backwoods world on my blog and it makes up part of my material for my YA series. I am a science freak which goes into my material. My love of video games also makes it into my work as well. So in some ways I’m still a kid at heart.

What motivates me to write?

It can be the birth of a cool idea that hits me. It can be something from the environment around me that can motivate me. Sometimes life’s stresses motivate me to write so I can escape—that’s what motivated me to start at such a young age—I decided to write novels as a teenager. Being in the woods also motivates my writing since that’s what has always influenced my creativity ever since I was a small child.

Where do I write?

Most of the time it’s in our living room when my husband is off at work.  I have written in some of the most random places over the years. The first of which was in my parents’ bedroom when I began writing novels. Since I write on a laptop I don’t really write outside. The battery doesn’t last long enough, or the sun’s glare makes it where I can’t see the screen, or the power cord isn’t long enough to go where I would choose to write. The woods aren’t really electronic friendly with all the moisture and water. Since I live in the South the constant interruptions of mosquitoes and my urge to play slap music makes writing outside a bit unfriendly. This is usually where I go to brainstorm.

Why do I write?

I have always loved doing things creative. I just love doing it. Since I can think with both sides of my brain, this is something both sides can agree on. I started writing when I couldn’t play anymore and I wanted to return to the worlds I created. Since I did that the worlds and the adventures within them have only become more elaborate.

When do I write?

I pretty much write all the time now, but when it comes to my favorite writing (my fantasy adventure books) I mostly write in the afternoons and evenings. I am a night owl for one thing, and I suppose old habits die hard. I had to do my fun writing in the afternoons and evenings when I started as a teenager because of school. When I went to the workplace I mostly worked the day shift. So, in that respect I still structure my day that way. When I was at work and school I would brainstorm when I was bored and then I would come home and dump it all out.

How do I write?

I am what you call a planster—a hybrid of a panster and a plotter. I basically have the best of both worlds so to speak. I have a general outline in my mind where the story is going to go, but then I let my characters get to the next point. We still get to that point, but not keeping my characters on a leash allows for some turns I would never come up with. Besides, some of my characters are just too headstrong to be told what to do. Some of them are kind of dangerous!

A.K. Taylor is a YA fantasy/science fiction adventure writer who has been writing since age 16. Taylor also draws her characters and designs her covers and illustrations which she also began at 16. Taylor has also written a nonfiction piece about self promotion.

Please visit her author page on Amazon to learn about her novels.


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