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History has called them demi-gods, witches, sorcerers, and aberrations. Today, science calls them Genetians; humans born with seemingly supernatural abilities as much a part of their DNA as the color of their eyes. Since the dawn of time they have been here, helping to shape the course of humanity and living openly among them. Just because they have always existed, however, does not mean they have always been accepted. Tensions in the United States steadied until ten-year-old pyrokinetic Nathan DiSario obeyed his inner demon and assaulted his classmates. While the nation grappled with the implications, Nathan was quietly hidden away. Now, after years of suffering in foster homes and hospitals, America’s leading Genetian rights advocate is giving him an opportunity. The offer is simple: join the exclusive Hero’s Program at Adirondack University and be reintegrated into society as a reformed and productive member. No strings attached. A perfect offer, however, does not mean a perfect ending. While Nathan is eager to leave his past behind, he finds it not as simple for others, or himself, to forget. It is clear that Nathan cannot make the journey alone as classes refer to his assault, classmates hold grudges, and social situations prove to be challenging. Worse yet, the demon is whispering again, whispering of freedom and fire.

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