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In this mystery/suspense novel set during the Korean War, Matthew Clark, the biographer of a respected and highly decorated Army general, learns that there is a hidden side to his life, involving a brutal, covered-up murder, a secret mistress, and an abandoned illegitimate daughter. As he delves deeper, Matthew discovers an baffling mystery and a tragic love, in a world of surprises where nothing is at it seems. 

Tracing the general's earlier career during the occupation of Japan and through the early days of the Korean War, Matthew follows the lives of four principle characters: Philip Coursen, who appears to be the perfect Army officer, but with a disturbing dark side, Miriam Coursen, equally perfect Army wife, who may hide a secret agenda, Calvin Carter, an idealistic young West Pointer, beset with guilt as a result of his clandestine affair with another officer's wife, and Samantha Winstead, the beautiful, vivacious cause of Calvin Carter's discomfort. The biography takes a personal turn for Matthew, as he finds himself drawn into the story when he falls in love with the young woman who claims to be Coursen's daughter.

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