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Anyone who tries to put forward the argument that HR is rapidly declining in relevance has another think coming. HR brings the people into the people side of business. And, as with people, the challenges and opportunities presented within the profession are many and ever-changing. New generations, technology, political landscapes, economic conditions, global urgencies, and simple, everyday demands for process refinements require that the HR professional maintain vigilance for both the here/now and what will be coming up over the horizon, as yet unseen. 

The HR conversation is never-ending and always fascinating. This collection of seventeen world-class HR thought leaders brings you the latest in HR thinking. Each exclusive, invitation-only, contribution to the discussion points the way to where HR is going, where the profession can offer its very best in helping companies – global and domestic – achieve their best potential through the passions and talents of the people who work there. In this book you will learn: How to prepare Millennials for leadership and international roles; How to use an extraordinary, alternative method for identifying and grooming key talent; How to leverage the planning power of the HR advisory function to activate key corporate strategy; How the CHRO can take essential steps to ensure successful CEO onboarding; How to implement HR’s vast landscape of responsibilities to become a corporation within a corporation; How to tap into the unique gifts and offerings of humanitarian workers to enrich your own corporate culture; How to activate cutting edge technology to elevate HR impact on corporate success; How to borrow from US Marine Corps training to inspire and earn Millennial commitment to mission-critical objectives. Proceeds from the sales of HR Directions will be donated to Jobs For America’s Graduates (JAG). JAG is committed to creating “a nation without dropouts:” Helping resolve our country’s dropout and transition problems by expanding state organizations and local programs that help young people greatest at risk overcome barriers to graduation from high school and become college and career ready; Equipping JAG Specialists with proven programs and unique services for middle school, high school, and out-of-school youth to stay in school through graduation from high school, pursue a collegiate education, and/or enter and advance in their chosen career field; Developing future leaders for families, employers, communities, states, and the nation.

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