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Medals, Badges and Insignia of the United States Army. The most comprehensive and lavishly illustrated book on U.S. Army medals, badges and insignia ever published. Traces the history of Army awards from Rome, the American Revolution to today’s War on Terror.  Beautiful color pictures of every medal, front and back, with complete details and criteria. Insignia, badges, rank and famous unit insignia are beautifully pictured and described. Written by one of America’s best known experts; it is the single, finest, most up to date book in the world.

This fascinating book tells and illustrates how Army awards have been intertwined with American culture throughout the last 235 years. There are over 28 million veterans since World War II. Over half the population of the United States has had a veteran in the family and this work covers every possible award they could have or should have received. There is even a detailed section on how veterans and families claim their medals, wear and display them.

The comprehensive, easy-to-use volume guides readers over 500 different medals, ribbons, badges and insignia using handsome full color photographs and other detailed illustrations. It is the ultimate United States Army awards book and is sure to become a treasure of every veteran and veteran’s family library.

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