What Are They Saying?

Telemachus Press is a great company to work with when publishing your book. They keep in contact and give you regular updates on the progress of your book. They are a friendly team of hard working individuals who offer advice and help if needed. The overall design of the book looks fantastic and really professional. The process of publishing the book and making it available to buy was quick and easy.
Would recommend working with them.

Laura Croft, Author of "Occult"

My experience with Telemachus Press was absolutely fantastic. For me, the biggest thing I want out a relationship like this is communication, and TP delivered in spades. At every step along the way, I knew EXACTLY what was going on. Compound this with the fact that the end product was beautiful and I am a very happy author. If you're thinking about using Telemachus Press to publish your hard work, stop thinking about it and pull the trigger!

Jason Seib, Author of "Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, And Happiness"


"The team at Telemachus was so professional and helpful from the first moment I spoke with them, all the way through cover design, interior layout design, editing, and even helping me get set up on all the book sales sites. They held my hand throughout the entire process and made themselves available to me whenever I had questions or concerns, which was often since I’m a first time author. They were able to translate my design vision for the book from my feeble verbal descriptions into a beautifully packaged cookbook that I am proud to sell on amazon. I had to go the offset printing route, and Steve was by my side helping facilitate a very complicated process. Steve and Terri are 1000% dedicated to helping authors make the best book they possibly can, and to help educate them about how the new model of the publishing industry works so that we can go out there and sell books. I could NOT imagine working with anyone else, and I am eternally grateful to their dedication and hard work. If you are wondering if you will be in good hands at Telemachus, then stop wondering and look no further. These folks are the real deal! Thank you, Telemachus!"

Anna Vocino, Author of “Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes Made from Real Foods For A Joyful Life”


It was a pleasure working with the Telemachus Team who facilitated the publication of our eBook. The Telemachus commitment to producing the highest quality product reinforced our creative efforts. We highly recommend Telemachus Press as the premier eBook enabling service.

Tom and Marilyn Getchell, Author of "Orrin's Story: Patriotism and Love of Country. The Union Now and Forever"


"The primary benchmarks for success for a self-published author must be personal satisfaction, accomplishment and pride in the finished product. This will always trump the number of books sold, earnings or book awards. The pathways to success in self-publishing are well defined: content, editing, production and promotion. If you focus on content and promotion, you will not be disappointed letting Telemachus Press take care of the editing and production.

Karen Lieberman, as the chief editor and her editing team will first humble you, then exhilarate you and ultimately lead you to a product of which you can be proud."

K.H. Sheikh, MD, MBA, Author of “Don’t Let Your Heart Attack!”

"By the time I had written the fourth draft of my novel, “Betrayed,” I knew I couldn't take it much further without new eyes and editorial help. After casting about and coming up empty, I was introduced to the editing team at Telemachus Press. From the moment I began working with the editors I saw that my manuscript was being treated with the professionalism I was going to need in order to transform my manuscript into a polished novel.

“Betrayed” is now published and receiving very strong reviews. Sales are beginning to move up. The editing team was there every step of the way. My experience working with the team was absolutely what I needed in an editor."

R.P. McCabe, Author of “Betrayed”

"Thank you for making "To Kill a Fox" and "Heroes" better books with your editing. I appreciate your attention to detail, insight, and overall grasp of the storyline. I look forward to working with you on my next book."

J.C. Quinn, Author of "Secret Murder", "To Kill A Fox", "Dead Priest at Gator Pond", "Triple Murder", "Heroes: Stories, Letters and Thoughts of a Catholic Man"

"My reference to your eagle eyes is an understatement. I don't see how you catch so many mistakes so quickly -- a super talent. I know you have gone out of your way to make my work easier. Thank you for the terrific job you are doing, and thanks for being so patient with this old digital immigrant."

Jim McMillen, Author of "The Yardman" and "Phantom Mesa"

"A lot of people think Telemachus Press is just about publishing a book, but the folks at Telemachus are there to produce the best work possible. I asked them if they could help edit my book and they put me in contact with a great editor who focused my style and corrected what I thought was excellent English.

Having one's work edited is a humbling experience, but my work is much better because of it. Whether fiction or non-fiction, you can't escape editing if you want a great product. You're not finished when the last word escapes from your creative mind. Done with that novel? Get it edited!"

E.R. Barr, Author of "Roan"

"When I submitted my book to Telemachus I fully believed it was ready for immediate publication. I had five readers, whom I felt were skilled in editing, review the document. They sent back changes and corrections which I followed carefully, making the recommended changes.

I reacted negatively when Steve Jackson recommended that I have the book edited professionally by their staff. I felt the book was well edited and I disliked the delay in publishing the editing would cause. After much discussion about the importance of having a high quality publication, I gave in and agreed to have the book skillfully edited.

I now acknowledge that it was the correct decision. There were needed corrections on about every page of the book and I was delighted with the results."

Alfred J. Zacher, Author of “PRESIDENTIAL POWER in Troubled Second Terms”

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