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Ken Seifert, The Complete Guide to Airport Exercise


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Anna Vocino, Telemachus Press Testamonial


After 24 children’s books with Steve, Terri and the Telemachus crew I can't say anything but good about them. It’s been a long haul and they've been with me every step of the way. There are easily over 500 illustrations in these books and all have been formatted perfectly. They knew where the illustrations fit in the stories and did it. There are 60 different stories in the 5 'Animal Tails' books and again everything was exact. I've never had one complaint about anything in all the years I've been with them. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new author, from my experience with Telemachus you can't go wrong. The book you want is the one you'll get. Guaranteed.

KC Remington , Author and Illustrator of Webbster and Button Series

It has been a pure pleasure working with Telemachus. No surprises, no panic and all deadlines met. (Especially after I learned to listen.)

Note for authors: It is IMPOSSIBLE for an author to proof his own stuff. Get outside editing/proofing package.

John Ehlert, Author of "My Name Is Melvin", The Life of an Extraordinary Ordinary Man


Me and my partner in crime have come a long way on this writing and publishing journey but with this priceless family called Telemachus we managed to overcome all predicaments. They made us believe that you do not need to have grey hair or to be from an elite group of people in order to be a difference in the world. Despite our young age they believed in us and would tolerate all of our annoying questions and nagging. We would always ask Telemachus what it takes to be the world's best's seller and they would tell us that you should instill a spirit of positivity in you no matter how many rocks block your way, you should just believe that the sky can never be the limit and we should always aim for the stars. We love you Steve you have been a father…mentor and above all our torch bearer throughout the journey. Thanks we love you our priceless family. Would also want to extend my gratitude to my co-author for being tolerant…supportive and loving. We love you guys.

Takunda Keith Mahachi and Ali Gorson-Marrow, Authors of "The Castles of the Great Assimil Unearthed"


I decided I wanted to write a book when I was twelve, and six years later, Telemachus Press made my dream come true. I started the publishing process during my senior year in high school, and TP made it so manageable to publish during a busy and stressful time in my life. Everyone at TP was so supportive and worked tirelessly to make sure that my book came out exactly the way I had envisioned. I highly recommend TP to authors looking for a streamlined, but personable publishing process.

Taylor Evans, Author of “The Unknown” and “The Sorcerers' Prophecy: Secrets of Eileen”


I have used Telemachus to publish three different books, and I’ve been very happy all three times. Steve, Terri, and everyone else I’ve dealt with has been 100% responsive to my needs. The books all look great, and they’re selling well, too.

Of all the publishers I’ve worked with (and as a very successful ghostwriter I’ve worked with dozens of traditional publishers and several self-publishers), Telemachus Press has provided the best overall experience. They work so hard to make sure the author is happy. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

What do I like about Telemachus? I like that I’m in control of my book—I set the book’s price, I suggest and approve the design. Plus, Telemachus charges a very reasonable flat fee up front for design and set up, with no extra costs. So I don’t have a publisher cutting into my profits when the book sells.

If I have a question, it gets answered right away. If I’m not happy with a design element, it gets fixed right away. The price is very reasonable, the books look great, and they’re available for sale in all the right places. Why would I ever use another publisher?

Once upon a time I was Editor-in-Chief at a traditional publishing house. Then I turned to writing full-time, dealing with many different publishers over the years. My conclusion: From now on I’m sticking with Telemachus. It’s faster, it’s easier, the books look great, and I make more money.

I’ve worked with other self-publishers, and the deal they give is not good. They charge you for design, and then, when your book sells, they hang on to most of your profits. Telemachus doesn’t take a dime when you sell your book. This is how every publisher should work!

Scott Brassert

"Telemachus Press is a fantastic organization filled with professionals you can trust. They provided a guiding hand for our team of first-time publishers. We are very appreciate that they balanced their recommendations for publishing with their respect for our own vision for the book. They were kind enough to allow our creativity to flourish while providing the technical support and publication experience where needed. They are helpful, accessible and flexible. We are very very pleased with the end result of the book, and feel very confident recommending Telemachus to our friends and family.

Ross A. Clevens, M.D., FACS, Author of “A Consumer's Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery: The Facial Surgery Companion”

Clevens Face and Body Specialists


I highly recommend Telemachus Press for new authors and/or any author that aspires to “self-publish. From my very first telephone consultation with Steve, Telemachus Press exceeded my expectations.

As a first-time author, I was a bit intimidated by the whole process of self-publishing, and was initially unclear about pricing, print-on-demand services, ISBN, etc. The Telemachus team of Steve, Terri, MaryAnn, and others provided constant and consistent guidance from day one until my book was ready for distribution.

The fine folks at Telemachus Press were professional, courteous, and extremely responsive to my every need. I already have a new project in the queue, and will be looking toward Telemachus Press once again to see it through to completion!

Duke Speed, Author of "Advance Agent Planning Guide - The Executive Protection Specialist's Guide for Conducting Advance Operations"

Kopis Center for Law Enforcement and Security Solutions


An old personal truism proffers that if reality exceeds expectations then you are a happy person. I have to say that I am very happy with my experience using Telemachus Press for my book, “The Bottom Line; a Management Primer for First Line Law Enforcement Supervisors.” I consider their cost for the product produced to be reasonable, and their service to me - the customer - outstanding. They were prompt, very helpful, and exceptionally nice, to boot. Now that the book is in print they continue to help and advise without further cost. Telemachus was recommended to me by another satisfied customer (author), and I am glad I chose them for my book. They have and continue to exceed my expectations.

Arthur Meister, Author of "The Bottom Line; a Management Primer for First Line Law Enforcement Supervisors”


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