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Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, And Happiness by Jason Seib

Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, And Happiness

Written by: Jason Seib

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: www.altshiftdiet.com

After years of coaching frustrated, yo-yo dieting women with fat loss goals, Jason Seib has reached a firm conclusion: his job is about minds, not bodies. Poor body image, low confidence, self sabotage, perfectionism, extrinsic motivations, social comparison, a basic misunderstanding of what fat loss really is – these are just a few of the obstacles keeping so many women from achieving their goals and creating bodies they love to live in. Yes, he is a man, but few professionals of either gender could ever lay claim to as much passion and devotion as Seib has poured into Body Beliefs. You can have the body you want, but you’re focused on the wrong part of the problem and your perspective is keeping you from success. Change your beliefs so that you can change your body. Forever.

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