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Jesters’ Dance by R. Bruce Walker

Jesters’ Dance

Written by: R. Bruce Walker

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.rbrucewalker.com

A magic pill has been invented that will eliminate obesity forever! Now all that stands between the unscrupulous pharmaceutical giant that discovered it and untold billions is to choose the advertising agency who will guarantee it takes the world by storm. With just twenty-eight desperate days to deliver the winning pitch, the hungry inhabitants of the three competing agencies pull out all stops in a frenzied pursuit of the prize.

Humorous, sexy and ghoulishly dark, JESTERS’ DANCE offers an insider’s glimpse into the strong personalities, greedy impulses and cynical self-interest that drive the ad world. Sharing the same du monde noir as the TV-hit, MAD MEN®, the themes explored are grabbed directly from current headlines about obesity in America and the perils of our obsession with weight control, dieting and body image

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