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A Crack in the Plaster by Martie Zuckerman

A Crack in the Plaster

Written by: Martie Zuckerman

Available In: Paperback

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Do you cringe when you hear the word poetry? Do you fear you must dig deep to decipher the author's meaning? Are you concerned you might not measure up in book club if you've missed the hidden message?

Set aside your fears and prepare to be entertained. Do you enjoy music? Do you have a favorite song that you like to sing along to? Do you enjoy certain artists or their styles? If you'll take a moment to consider, you will realize that many songs are simply poetry set to music!

Come on in; the water's fine! This book is filled with little rhyming stories about someone you know. Maybe it's your best friend, your daughter or perhaps the woman in the mirror. No matter who, there's someone you know in here, so come on in, bring a tissue (just in case) and be delighted!

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