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A Head for an Eye by William Blackwell

A Head for an Eye

Written by: William Blackwell

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.wblackwell.com/

Matt Green, a morally compromised capitalist, meets Angelique Augusto, a troubled and enigmatic descendent of the Tarahumara tribal people, who are normally peaceful and reclusive but have the propensity for fierce retribution when their cultural identity is threatened.

Charting the course of their tumultuous romance, A HEAD FOR AN EYE juxtaposes the ruthless Tarahumara Indian brand of justice with the questionable Canadian judicial system. In macabre fashion, it delivers a terrifying, action-packed journey into the Sierra Madre, one of the most murderous and lawless regions in the world—where love, forgiveness, betrayal, loyalty and justice become skewed by the notion of sheer survival in a hostile landscape.

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