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The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb - In the Outback by Art Collins

The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb - In the Outback

Written by: Art Collins

Available In: eBook|Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: http://theajadventures.com/

“So yah know about the sacred Bullroarer legend?” Coorain said, nodding his head. “Only thing, missy, it ain’t no legend, it’s true as the three of us standing before yah.” The thrilling ninth and final book in The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb series finds the two brothers returning to the other side of the globe, but this time “down under” in the Australian Outback. While attending the Students’ Living Abroad Program in Sydney, sixteen-year-old Jockabeb stays with the Macalester family. He quickly strikes up a friendship with Prim Macalester, who is exactly his age. Prim is fascinated by the Australian Aboriginal culture and lore, and she tells Jockabeb about an old Aboriginal legend that turns out to be strikingly similar to some of his recent dreams. As bizarre events in the desolate Outback begin to spiral out of control, the hazy line between reality and fantasy is once again tested – but this time in an adventure unlike anything the two brothers have ever encountered. Fasten your seat belt one more time and prepare yourself for unexpected twists and turns as Archibald and Jockabeb race toward their final date with destiny.

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