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Money & Murder by David Bishop

Money & Murder

Written by: David Bishop

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.davidbishopbooks.com/

This murder mystery, including the crime, investigation, and solution, is all told in roughly fifty pages. P.Q. Winston Rutledge is the richest man in Copper City, Arizona, and he believes someone will soon try to kill him. The story quickly deteriorates into murder, and the ambitions of relatives in pursuit of the family fortune. PQ’s family is a collection of oddballs with a common bloodline. Fascinating people you’d love to have at your next dinner party, but each comes with their own set of secrets and entanglements. PQ is survived by a widow, the same age as his daughter, and two sons, one of which—well, you’ll have to read the story. You won’t be sorry you did.

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