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Achron Kindness by Algerine Onyx

Achron Kindness

Written by: Algerine Onyx

Available In: eBook|Paperback

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If aliens were among us, right now…would anyone notice? Well, connect the dots: An old bum explodes and a dozen people die. Things disappear at the blast site. And a dog talks to an FBI Special Agent. You figure it out…because I can't. FBI Special Agent Angela Maxim is a smoking-hot brunette assigned to a small city where there's little crime and no terrorism…at least not until local cops are told to shut down a little girl's lemonade stand. Interrupted by a belligerent bum with a grocery cart and a bad attitude, the cops decide to "make an example." In the mass beat-down that follows a suicide bomb goes off and a dozen people die. Agent Maxim has the case, and the investigation quickly turns weird. Such as…where did everything go at the blast site? It all just…disappeared. People, equipment, everything. And what kind of bomb does that without leveling the entire neighborhood? It doesn't help when Agent Maxim is distracted by a dog pissing on her shoes at the blast site…a dog that then talks to her. Time for a visit to the FBI psychiatrist for Special Agent Maxim! Convinced that 7-year-old Sarah McLaughlin's parents may have something to do with the terrorist bombing, she is taken and held at an undisclosed location. Confronted with an indifferent judge and a corrupt local power structure, Sarah's parents despair…until an attorney from the Individual Justice Foundation (IJF) in New Hampshire shows up. Free legal help is offered and gratefully accepted: Enter IJF attorney Gwendolyn O'Connell, a tiny-but-feisty IJF lawyer assigned to the case. She quickly locates Sarah McLaughlin and has incriminating pictures taken of the miserable, abused child. When she confronts the hulking district attorney—a former football star—in his office, an acute disagreement escalates sharply into violence, wreckage and blood-splattered walls…as well as an accusation of attempted rape. With a media firestorm brewing, Gwen O'Connell is herself seized and held naked and incommunicado in a locked hospital room…until plucky local cub reporter Elna Bibber sneaks onto the hospital roof, rigs a line, rappels down to Gwen's room, climbs in a window, and pulls off a sensational interview that makes her a journalistic star and national darling. The ensuing media frenzy features screeching protests that include LGBT's of all hues, 5th Gen Feminists, female biker gangs, and neutermale journalists trying to oversee the correct media-narrative. Everyone is having a grand time…except for little Sarah McLaughlin and the district attorney who just got accused of attempted rape.

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