Book Quality

It takes three things to be a successful author!

  1. You must write a good book!
  2. We must professionally deliver your work into all eBook and Internet print book channels!
  3. The world needs to find out about your book!

Part 1 is up to you. Let there be no doubt that from writing an intriguing mystery to a heart stopping romance to a well-researched biography, the first component of book quality starts with you. And, the number one way to improve your work, HAVE IT PROFESSIONALLY EDITED! Talk to us. Our people are pros and the price is right.

Part 2 is on us! Formatting an eBook is more than a Word file push to the Amazon Kindle site. Have you ever read a poorly formatted eBook? It's so distracting that often the reader gives up on the story due to the terrible reading environment. The style guide that we have developed contains hundreds of instructions to our formatters allowing us to not only deliver a perfect Kindle eBook, but also perfection on the KOBO, Nook, Sony eReader and the iPad. Each has its own idiosyncrasies

eBooks are not page oriented. They allow users to set their own reading environments. Testing for font changes image location on all eReaders is of real importance. An amateur looking eBook will cause reviewers to dump you into the not-ready-for-prime-time bucket. A book sale killer!

And what about your cover? eBook covers are important. And they're the most important when they are small. Way small as in thumbnail. The fact is most of your prospective readers will encounter your book as a thumbnail image lost in a sea of other thumbnails. What makes yours stand out? It's a tough message to sell in a very small space!

Talk to us about quality. Don't be misled into thinking that a professional looking book just happens. We have many, many examples of the good and the bad. From interiors that run amok to covers that don't grab your audience. Book quality must live up to the content that you worked so hard to make perfect.

Telemachus Press. Check us out.

What Are They Saying?

Me and my partner in crime have come a long way on this writing and publishing journey but with this priceless family called Telemachus we managed to overcome all predicaments. They made us believe that you do not need to have grey hair or to be from an elite group of people in order to be a difference in the world. Despite our young age they believed in us and would tolerate all of our annoying questions and nagging. We would always ask Telemachus what it takes to be the world's best's seller and they would tell us that you should instill a spirit of positivity in you no matter how many rocks block your way, you should just believe that the sky can never be the limit and we should always aim for the stars. We love you Steve you have been a father…mentor and above all our torch bearer throughout the journey. Thanks we love you our priceless family. Would also want to extend my gratitude to my co-author for being tolerant…supportive and loving. We love you guys.
Takunda Keith Mahachi and Ali Gorson-Marrow
Authors of "The Castles of the Great Assimil Unearthed"