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Imagine (Aileen Foundation Novel Book 1) by Reese Kelley

Imagine (Aileen Foundation Novel Book 1)

Written by: Reese Kelley

Available In: eBook

Author Website: www.reesekelley.com

An unassuming California girl, Ellie Lawrence, trains for the Sprint Triathlon every summer. Outdoors and alone, Ellie runs to mentally escape a tragedy from her past. One summer day her strategy comes to a screeching halt. After being attacked by a malicious criminal, Ellie is forced under the protection of sexy special agent Matthew Grant. Why is a terrorist after her?  It seems the reason may involve her estranged father’s work with the United States government; he is an intelligence expert on the Middle East. Ellie communicates with her father, stationed halfway around the world, after each hair-raising attack. Perhaps their stubborn relationship can repair itself once again.

FBI special agent Matt Grant, frustrated by the relentless assaults against Ellie, breaks the rules and takes her to a location that is totally off the radar. The setting is a place where she can continue her Sprint Triathlon training and live in peace. They thought. Unfortunately, evil follows Ellie across state lines and death is a result. Shaken to the core, Matt brings Ellie home to California hoping the danger might be over. It’s not. Ellie’s life is about to end by a bullet and only he can figure out how to save her from the madman that holds the gun.

Imagine is the first in a series titled An Aileen Foundation Novel.

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