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The Princess of Skye, An Archer Adventure, Book III by Katharine Giles

The Princess of Skye, An Archer Adventure, Book III

Written by: Katharine Giles

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: http://www.thearcheradventures.com/

A visitor from a planet in another galaxy arrives in Balycon to invite Archer to meet King Zirco, Ruler of Skye, who needs Archer’s help. Why would an alien king send a messenger to the Earth Star to seek the help of a fourteen-year old kid? Intrigued with the promise of adventure, Archer accompanies King Zirco’s messenger to Skye where he learns King Zirco expects him to rescue Amethina, the Princess of Skye, from King Ichos, tyrant King of Water. Before he can meet King Ichos and negotiate Amethina’s release, he must complete a series of tests. King Zirco gives him a gemstone charm and matching clothing to assist him through his journeys while Damani, crystal master of Skye, provides maps of planets in Skye’s galaxy. When Archer asks what he’s supposed to do, he’s told to “look for a guidepost” on each planet. With that limited information, he must solve a puzzle and complete the task before he can progress to the next planet. Each test is more difficult than the last and Archer fights his frustration each time he encounters an obstacle because if he fails one test, he will fail them all.

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