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The Guardian's Playlist by J. Powell Ogden

The Guardian's Playlist

Written by: J. Powell Ogden

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://theguardiansplaylist.com

What if you had a secret so far out there, you knew if you told anyone, you would be labeled a freak forever?  My name is Catherine Forsythe, and God speaks to me through the radio.  Right.  That’s crazy.  I know.  Only sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I think He sends an Angel to play songs for me whenever life gets rough, songs with the perfect lyrics to get me through the day.  Luckily, my life’s been pretty easy—or at least it was until the boy with the sword tattoo showed up on my bus.  He was aloof around everyone else, but around me he turned on this shy grin that just kept me guessing. And despite the rumors about drugs and violence in his past, that grin drew me in.  That’s when everything went to Hell.

Because I don’t just have Angels populating my thoughts, I have demons too. I thought they would stay there until I watched the life of the boy with the tattoo blow up in his face.  Now I think they’re hunting him.  And if that’s true, his only chance for escape lies in facing his past—a past he’ll do almost anything to forget.  I guess it’s up to my Angel and me to help him remember.

The Guardian’s Playlist is the first novel in a new haunted trilogy set in the woods on the west side of Cleveland. 

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