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Entries for May 2014

Pretty much the world as we know it today began in the 1920's:  Highways, electricity, indoor plumbing, sewage systems, automobiles, and let's not forget women's right to vote all came into action in the 1920's.  With that came hair dryers, washing machines, and many other inventions that made life easier.  Cars were fast, the terrors of World War I were starting to fade, and jazz was sounding off a new decade. In this unprecedented time have you ever wondered what the men and women of the 1920's wore to the beach?  What about the Indianapolis 500?  And can you believe back in the 1920's - just like now - people were encouraged to get outdoors and exercise?  They didn't have the comfy clothing that we know today, but it was much more relaxed than only a decade before.  This is the time when the basketball shoe, that we know and love today, was invented.   If you or your children would like to have a little fun while lea......

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