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Entries for November 2013

Isn't it the tradition of the holidays that makes them special?  Grandma makes the pumpkin pie, mom makes the turkey, Aunt Lou makes some delicious cookies.  Everyone gathers together spreading love and cheer.  The smell food and home welcomes you - tugging at something down deep within your heart.  Touching your very soul.  If you have ever experienced this environment or feeling you do indeed have something to be thankful for during the holidays.  Family and home is everything in this wonderful thing we call life. In order to keep some tradition I combined my grandmothers' pumpkin pie recipes together to make, what I consider and so does my father and brother the perfect traditional pumpkin pie.  Let me share my secret recipe with you: 1.  Start by picking out a large pumpkin or squash.  They come in many different shapes and sizes.  Stay away from the ones that you would carve for Halloween. ......

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