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Entries for October 2016


Testimonial by Anna Vocino

"The team at Telemachus was so professional and helpful from the first moment I spoke with them, all the way through cover design, interior layout design, editing, and even helping me get set up on all the book sales sites.  They held my hand throughout the entire process and made themselves available to me whenever I had questions or concerns, which was often since I’m a first time author.  They were able to translate my design vision for the book from my feeble verbal descriptions into a beautifully packaged cookbook that I am proud to sell on amazon.  I had to go the offset printing route, and Steve was by my side helping facilitate a very complicated process.  Steve and Terri are 1000% dedicated to helping authors make the best book they possibly can, and to help educate them about how the new model of the publishing industry works so that we can go out there and sell books.  I could NOT imagine working with anyone else, and I am eternally grateful to their dedication and hard work.  If you are wondering if you will be in good hands at Telemachus, then stop wondering and look no further.  These folks are the real deal!  Thank you, Telemachus!"

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