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Bloody Bess and the Doomsday Games by Nick Iuppa

Bloody Bess and the Doomsday Games

Written by: Nick Iuppa

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.nickiuppa.com/Welcome.html

What if the fate of the world depended on the outcome of a vast military simulation, which was suddenly taken over by vampires?

Blue Suede Shoes and the Thunderbirds by Judy Allen

Blue Suede Shoes and the Thunderbirds

Written by: Judy Allen

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.our-millie.com/

Our Millie stories recounts an innocent and simple time when the important things in life were family, friends, helping people, animals, giving and living with nature and seeing life in a clearer and more honest way. The stories are amusing, fun to read, and sometimes rather sad, but they reflect the way life was and the way it can still be in the memory and heart of those who lived in that time and experienced the true joy of each day. Our Millie takes life as it comes and makes the most of each moment.

Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, And Happiness by Jason Seib

Body Beliefs – Women, Weight Loss, And Happiness

Written by: Jason Seib

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: www.altshiftdiet.com

After years of coaching frustrated, yo-yo dieting women with fat loss goals, Jason Seib has reached a firm conclusion: his job is about minds, not bodies. Poor body image, low confidence, self sabotage, perfectionism, extrinsic motivations, social comparison, a basic misunderstanding of what fat loss really is – these are just a few of the obstacles keeping so many women from achieving their goals and creating bodies they love to live in. Yes, he is a man, but few professionals of either gender could ever lay claim to as much passion and devotion as Seib has poured into Body Beliefs. You can have the body you want, but you’re focused on the wrong part of the problem and your perspective is keeping you from success. Change your beliefs so that you can change your body. Forever.

Bouter En Avant!  Full Speed Ahead with JULIA CHILD, a mémoire of friendship by Madeleine de Jean

Bouter En Avant! Full Speed Ahead with JULIA CHILD, a mémoire of friendship

Written by: Madeleine de Jean

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.madeleinedejean.com/

Bouter En Avant! Full Speed Ahead, takes you behind the scenes, into JULIA CHILD’s off-screen adventures, depicting Julia’s dedication—beyond her life’s work of saving America from demise by frozen TV-dinners—to striding ever-forward with gusto for life and for creating with family and friends, “real little families” through gastronomy. Savor the extraordinary force for making all things better that was and is Julia Child and her legacy. Bon appetit!

Boxed In!: a Dr. Gideon Box/Donovan Creed Novel  by John Locke

Boxed In!: a Dr. Gideon Box/Donovan Creed Novel

Written by: John Locke

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.donovancreed.com

Dr. Gideon Box might be a pig of a man, but he’s also the surgeon of last resort for hopeless case infants other doctors have given up on. Over the past six years 72 children have been wheeled into his operating room with no chance of surviving, and yet Box saved them all.

But now his winning streak is in danger because the world’s deadliest assassin, Donovan Creed, has hatched a plan to stop a deadly terrorist from blowing up Wall Street. Can you see where this is going? In order for Creed’s plan to succeed, Dr. Box has to make certain his next patient—the terrorist’s son—dies in the operating room.

Box has only one redeeming quality: he won’t allow any child to die while under his care, even if it means tens of thousands of innocent Americans will lose their lives. Knowing that the penalty for defying Creed is certain death, Box turns to the one person on Earth he believes can neutralize the assassin while he works to save the child. Amazingly, she agrees to help him. But will it be enough?


"I dare you to read this book and tell me that John Locke has an ounce of sanity—and I mean that as a compliment!"

"I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again: How does John come up with this stuff? Highly entertaining!"

"Boxed In is Gideon Box at his snarky best. I’d say more if I could figure out where to start. Get it, enjoy it, and pray for Mr. Locke."

Brainstorm by William Blackwell


Written by: William Blackwell

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.wblackwell.com

A powerful and compelling story about the struggles and courage of a handicapped family trying to fit into a society motivated by greed and materialism. Inspired by true events, this dramatic tale chronicles the life and death struggles of the Dewitt family juxtaposed with the unbridled pursuit of money by charming and successful realtor Debbie Dupree.

Brewster Fulbright by James Middleton

Brewster Fulbright

Written by: James Middleton

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.boonecountyjournal.com

Brewster Fulbright is a Wyoming rancher wanting to stop residential development by building a wind turbine project but he must overcome the County Board that has made a fortune from the developers. Brewster begins his odyssey but the project is not approved but he does realize a dream to dance the tango in Paris.

Bugs Boodle by  Kimberly O'Hara

Bugs Boodle

Written by: Kimberly O'Hara

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.bugsboodle.com

Bugs Boodle's Book of Basics: Children's Rules for Playing with Pets is a primer for children ages 0-8. Its cheerful rhyme and colorful pictures are designed to help you teach your children of tender years how to interact safely with dogs. Then, when they begin to learn to read, they will naturally embrace the book as one of their favorites. While they are enjoying the antics of the cute and cuddly pup, Bugs Boodle, and his best friend, Teddy, they will be reinforcing some very important lessons at the same time ... for those times when you cannot be there to protect them. Like most of us, children are naturally attracted to dogs. If they see a dog, they usually want to play with it or pet it. Unfortunately, their uninhibited excitement can occasionally place them in great jeopardy. Nearly 4.7 million people in the US suffer dog bites each year with 900,000 of those requiring medical attention, and children between the ages of 5 to 9 incur the highest incidence of these occurrences (with 77% of the injuries occurring in the facial area). This is not because dogs target children, but rather because children are often ill prepared to interact with dogs. Children learn best when they are entertained and lessons are given in a repetitive manner. Use Bugs Boodle's Book of Basics to teach your children to respect animals and stay safe in a fun way.

Build Your Legacy Guide – Abridged Edition: Your Guide to Organizing the Now, Then and After by Dale and Lynn Maloney

Build Your Legacy Guide – Abridged Edition: Your Guide to Organizing the Now, Then and After

Written by: Dale and Lynn Maloney

Available In: eBook

Author Website: https://amzn.to/2ZoSqmf

In preparation for a trip to the Holy Land in the Spring of 2017, Dale and his wife, Lynn decided it was time to update our Wills for our successfully blended family. Three of our five children had married and added seven wonderful grandchildren to our family. As we were going through the process, we both became shockingly aware that we each had some knowledge about are overall financial infrastructure, but neither of us knew everything! And the Will only tells WHAT you want to happen! Nowhere, does it tell you HOW to get it done or where to find all the critical information. Lynn began assembling her information, and Dale began his.

When we went to finalize the last draft of our Wills, and we took our binder to our Attorney. She was amazed! She said: “this would make my job so much easier! Nobody does this!”

We decided this is something every family needs as a companion to their Will/Trust! What we immediately began to think about is all the horror stories we have either heard, or have experienced after a loved one has passed away! Without knowing where to find critical information, intentions, and other unknowns can lead to additional expenses, delays in care, family arguments, fights, bad behavior and more!

There needs to be a better way! Have a plan and then tell your loved ones! So, there are no surprises, and clear expectations!

We will need to prepare for three distinct life stages. They are NOW, IF/THEN, and AFTER. Everyone takes into consideration the NOW and the AFTER. But understanding that approximately one-third of us will be incapacitated and require someone else to care for us before we pass away, the stage of IF/THEN needs to be addressed.

With these concerns in mind, we built a fully flexible Build Your Legacy Guide – Expert Edition. We established 25 specific areas of your life to review. With over 370 total questions that need to be considered. And then over 140 customizable templates to capture the critical data for Build Your Personal Legacy Guide. In the Abridged Edition, we have provided just the essential forms to cover the most common needs of our customers. And it is upgradeable to the Expert Edition!

Burnout by Jeannine Kadow


Written by: Jeannine Kadow

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.jeanninekadow.com/

Top TV anchor and fire victim Lacie Wagner pulls renegade FBI agent Jack Stein into the line of fire when the pale whispering stranger who haunts her infernal nightmares comes to life; a nightmare man who is all too real, one who abducts her daughter, unleashing a firestorm of terror, determined to destroy everyone and everything in her life. Touch the fire, Lacie. The dead time is here.

Buying the Farm by Michael Knapp

Buying the Farm

Written by: Michael Knapp

Available In: eBook|Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website:

Buying the Farm captures a newsworthy topic of the day: the fight for survival by America’s family farmers against the power and influence of corporate farming. While written as a novel, it is rooted in the truth of an actual lawsuit.

Caché, Caché  by Peggy A. Edelheit

Caché, Caché

Written by: Peggy A. Edelheit

Available In: eBook

Author Website: https://samanthajamison.com/

Secrets/questions blindside Sarah, a bestselling mystery author. At the height of her success, tragedy strikes--the worst of blows--something she didn't expect, her husband's last words. "My death frees us both, Butterfly. Caché, caché..." He hands her a gold key. What does he mean, frees them from what?

Then the love of her life, David, passes from this world to the next.

Confused, torn, and hurt, Sarah becomes consumed by this mystery, driven by a terrible desire to solve it. But she can't question a dead man, can she? Instead, she must look at their past, and her own to find the answer.

Does Sarah even want to know the truth behind David's last words?

With a handful of clues, including a secret note and that key, Sarah must work to solve this mystery and decode her husband's final words, as confusion, love, and heartbreaking regrets only begin to scratch the surface.

If you enjoy an original heartfelt Contemporary Romance story, then you will love Edelheit's newest book filled with choices taken and those not taken.

And what about fate? Does that play in all this?

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