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Occult by Laura Croft


Written by: Laura Croft

Available In: Paperback

Author Website:

Thirteen. Unlucky for some. On their 13th birthday children discover the truth about who they really are. WHAT they really are. That they belong to the Occult world where witches, vampires and demons exist along with other mythical, magical and supernatural creatures.

The children are sent into the unknown through a magic portal where they must choose a path. One which leads to The Dark Academy and the other which leads to The Academy of Merlin. At both Academies the students learn how to use magic, some for good and some for evil. Friendships are formed and destroyed and when the transformations begin it's difficult to know who to trust. Good can be corrupted by evil and evil can be turned good! Friends can quickly become foes and enemies can become unlikely allies!

As secrets, visions and prophecies unfold will they be able to survive in this new world? Will they choose the path to greatness or are they destined for darkness?

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