What Does Telemachus Press Do?

You Keep All Your Publishing Rights

We are the partner selected by informed authors. The more you learn about what we are, the more you will want to join the Telemachus Press family of successful, independently published authors.

You Keep All Your Royalties

We are the most cost effective provider of author services putting more money in our author’s pockets than anyone else in our industry and we prove this every day.

You Keep Your Copyright

There are two parts to your financial decision when choosing a company like ours. The first is how much you will pay us compared to others who offer similar services. The second is how much you will earn per eBook and print book.

With Us You Get the Greatest Profit per Book

Talk to us. We are your lowest cost partner because we provide you with the greatest profit per book of anyone in our industry. Add Telemachus Press quality along with keeping all of your publishing rights and we are the only choice to make in selecting an author services company.

One Price Quoted, No Bait and Switch

We offer several publishing packages so we can meet any budget. But here is the important part, what we quote you is all you will ever pay us. There will never be an upsell or a disappointing call explaining that you need to buy a bigger package. Our authors who come to us from our larger competitors tell us over and over again about the bait and switch that they have experienced. They are our best and most appreciative clients.

Our Professional Services Fees

When you evaluate all factors from the no-surprises flat fees that we charge to your profitability per book, no other company comes close to what we offer. In reality, it all comes down to how many books you will sell. While our fixed fees may appear higher than some of our competitors, by the time just a few hundred of your books move through the channel, we are an amazing deal for any author. Click on this link and take a look at an example based upon typical print-on-demand publishing. See this link: Make More Money and scroll down to the bottom and look at what happens if you sell 1,000 books or 5,000 or 10,000. It’s just arithmetic and numbers don’t lie.

Telemachus Press is absolutely the lowest cost and very best value for the independent author when you evaluate the total cost and profitability picture of self-publishing. The more that you investigate us and other companies that offer author services the better we look.

Informed authors choose Telemachus Press.

Publishing Services:

  • eBook Only -- $1,495
  • Print-on-Demand Only -- $2,495
  • eBook and Print-on-Demand -- $3,795

Copy Editing:

  • Average 2.5 cents per word after evaluation by our managing editor.

Our terms are simple: 50% down and 50% when we have finished our work. Along the way we provide tremendous care and attention to your book and interact with you at every step. We look forward to having you join the Telemachus Press family.

Telemachus Press is the Only Choice

What Are They Saying?

"The team at Telemachus was so professional and helpful from the first moment I spoke with them, all the way through cover design, interior layout design, editing, and even helping me get set up on all the book sales sites. They held my hand throughout the entire process and made themselves available to me whenever I had questions or concerns, which was often since I’m a first time author. They were able to translate my design vision for the book from my feeble verbal descriptions into a beautifully packaged cookbook that I am proud to sell on amazon. I had to go the offset printing route, and Steve was by my side helping facilitate a very complicated process. Steve and Terri are 1000% dedicated to helping authors make the best book they possibly can, and to help educate them about how the new model of the publishing industry works so that we can go out there and sell books. I could NOT imagine working with anyone else, and I am eternally grateful to their dedication and hard work. If you are wondering if you will be in good hands at Telemachus, then stop wondering and look no further. These folks are the real deal! Thank you, Telemachus!"
Anna Vocino
Author of “Eat Happy: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb Recipes Made from Real Foods For A Joyful Life”