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An old personal truism proffers that if reality exceeds expectations then you are a happy person.  I have to say that I am very happy with my experience using Telemachus Press for my book, “The Bottom Line;  a Management Primer for First Line Law Enforcement Supervisors.”  I consider their cost for the product produced to be reasonable, and their service to me - the customer -  outstanding.  They were prompt, very helpful, and exceptionally nice, to boot.  Now that the book is in print they continue to help and advise without further cost. Telemachus was recommended to me by another satisfied customer (author), and I am glad I chose them for my book.  They have and continue to exceed my expectations.   Arthur Meister.

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I decided I wanted to write a book when I was twelve, and six years later, Telemachus Press made my dream come true. I started the publishing process during my senior year in high school, and TP made it so manageable to publish during a busy and stressful time in my life. Everyone at TP was so supportive and worked tirelessly to make sure that my book came out exactly the way I had envisioned. I highly recommend TP to authors looking for a streamlined, but personable publishing process.

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"Telemachus Press is a fantastic organization filled with professionals you can trust. They provided a guiding hand for our team of first-time publishers. We are very appreciate that they balanced their recommendations for publishing with their respect for our own vision for the book. They were kind enough to allow our creativity to flourish while providing the technical support and publication experience where needed. They are helpful, accessible and flexible. We are very very pleased with the end result of the book, and feel very confident recommending Telemachus to our friends and family." 

Clevens Face and Body Specialists

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I have used Telemachus to publish three different books, and I’ve been very happy all three times. Steve, Terri, and everyone else I’ve dealt with has been 100% responsive to my needs. The books all look great, and they’re selling well, too.

Of all the publishers I’ve worked with (and as a very successful ghostwriter I’ve worked with dozens of traditional publishers and several self-publishers), Telemachus Press has provided the best overall experience. They work so hard to make sure the author is happy. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

What do I like about Telemachus? I like that I’m in control of my book—I set the book’s price, I suggest and approve the design. Plus, Telemachus charges a very reasonable flat fee up front for design and set up, with no extra costs. So I don’t have a publisher cutting into my profits when the book sells.

If I have a question, it gets answered right away. If I’m not happy with a design element, it gets fixed right away. The price is very reasonable, the books look great, and they’re available for sale in all the right places. Why would I ever use another publisher?

Once upon a time I was Editor-in-Chief at a traditional publishing house. Then I turned to writing full-time, dealing with many different publishers over the years. My conclusion: From now on I’m sticking with Telemachus. It’s faster, it’s easier, the books look great, and I make more money.

I’ve worked with other self-publishers, and the deal they give is not good. They charge you for design, and then, when your book sells, they hang on to most of your profits. Telemachus doesn’t take a dime when you sell your book. This is how every publisher should work!

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"In the little world in which children have their existence...there is nothing so firmly perceived and so finely felt, as injustice.  It may be only a small injustice that the child be exposed to; but the child is small, and its world is small."  These words written by Charles Dickens over a century ago are still as true today.  Only in today's society most of the injustices done to children are cloaked behind well meaning gestures and loving parents.  No longer are children eating dinner with their parents around a table or playing outside until the crickets start chirping.  Parents are too busy making sure that children are doing all the things their peers are doing.  And making sure they have all the things their peers have.  Or unknowingly checking their cells phones to make sure they themselves aren't missing out on something.  Almost all parents love their children unconditionally and would die for them in an instant if necessary,......

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Children grow more quickly than any young mother or father can ever realize.  When they are babies and you're caring for them night and day it almost seems as if you are in the Twilight Zone and a full night's sleep is eons away.  The grown children in the picture are mine.  I wouldn't trade a moment, but I would spend more quality time with them if I could.  Quality Time can take on many different themes.  Adventurous-Bold-Cuddle Time-Snuggle Time-Reading-Listening.  Paying attention to what your loved ones are saying.  Taking in every detail.  Making sure you praise more than you criticize.  The basic need of every individual is to feel unconditional love by those that are closest to them.  Take time today to do something with your family.  Visit your parents.  Build a snowman with your kids.  Take a walk with your spouse.  Because when it comes down to it ---- what is more important?...

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Every spring the promise of new life surrounds us.  First we notice little green shoots from dormant plants.  Or we see reddish buds bursting forth from bare trees.  But in a country barn you'll find the cutest and cuddliest new life. Last winter a stray striped kitten showed up at our back door.  We named "him" Terrence.  "He" was very shy at first, but soon became friendly.  Kittens are like that. This spring before we could take Terrence to the vet "he" started look like "he" was really putting on weight.  Finally, my 21-year-old son, who happens to be a farmer said, "Mom, I hate to break this to you, but Terrence is a female and is going to have kittens."  "Are you sure?" I said.  I was sure Terrence was a male when I checked.  But everything is so tiny and furry when they are kittens, and I was definitely wrong! But sometimes, when moms are in a hurry. . . . moms are like that. As soon as the chickens were moved ......

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What is the exact meaning of "cabin fever?'  The term cabin fever was first recorded in 1838.  It's meaning somewhat describes one with claustrophobia (fear of closed in spaces).  Cabin fever occurs after being shut up in doors for an extended period of time.  People who suffer from cabin fever may become irritable, distrustful of others, and have an overwhelming urge to go outside even in inclement weather.  But does the term cabin fever take on a new definition in the 21st century?  Could it actually refer to the opposite of the original meaning of cabin fever?  We have become a society that lives and likes a temperature controlled environment.  Many of us don't want to go outside unless it is sunny and seventy degrees.  We go from our temperature controlled homes to our temperature controlled cars to another place with a thermostat set on a desirable number.   Children are spending less and less time outside then ever b......

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In real life country Christmas decorations you don't have to add work boots and cats and homemade wine to make the picture more interesting.  It's just the way we live. Real Country Christmases have a little rust, dust, and trust. (There's usually some mud involved too.) A little rust on the truck you drive to pick out your tree.    A little dust in all of the places you want to decorate with twinkle lights, and trust that you can make some beautiful and long lasting memories by doing things the hard way.  When I say the hard way - I mean real Christmas decorations that are not as easy and quick as the more modern versions.  Every year I question . . . is this really all worth it?  Will my children remember a warm and comforting home with the smell of fresh cedar and pine in every nook and cranny?  Will they remember that I went the extra yard and made pumpkin pie by baking the pumpkins we planted together in the gar......

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When asked what we are grateful for most everyone will stop for a minute and say:  family, friends, God, home.  These are our most prominent things for which to be grateful.  But, what are the intricate things that make us grateful?  Why are we grateful for family, friends, God, home . . . . ? Is it the way your husband embraces you and provides for your family?  Is it the sweet smile of your son saying, "Hi, Mom, what's for supper?"  Or is it the gentle words of your daughter when you need encouragement? Maybe it's watching your baby boy all grown up having fun and learning with friends. How about the way it feels when you pray before dinner and everyone enjoys nourishment for the body, mind, and, soul as you eat and converse with each other.  These are just a few of my personal "grateful things."  To be truly grateful we must be extra-sensory humans paying attention to the little details that make up a fully lived......

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