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Webbster and Button Ride to the Rescue by KC Remington

Webbster and Button Ride to the Rescue

Written by: KC Remington

Available In: eBook

Author Website:

Being daring never stopped Webbster and Button but on this rainy day their resolve was tested when Ralph the Racoon and family were in the deep. Wasn't that Ralph's sailboat they took to Africa?

When Dead Ain’t Dead Enough by J.L Doty

When Dead Ain’t Dead Enough

Written by: J.L Doty

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.jldoty.com/

Paul Conklin is a rather ordinary, thirtyish fellow, sharing his ordinary, present-day San Francisco apartment with the ghosts of his dead wife and daughter. Suzanna's cooking for him again, and Cloe's bouncing around the apartment in her school uniform, and things are almost back to normal. But a piece of Paul realizes he's really bug-fuck nuts, or at least that's what he thinks.

White Cloud and the Golden Canyon by Geoff Collins

White Cloud and the Golden Canyon

Written by: Geoff Collins

Available In: Hardcover|Paperback

Author Website: www.whitecloudandthegoldencanyon.com

White Cloud and the Golden Canyon is a story about a young Lakota brave who sets out on a dangerous journey into the wilderness in search of the mystical Golden Canyon and his true animal spirit.  On his journey, he encounters three animal journey guides: Silver Wolf, Sky Bird, and Wind Runner.  These journey guides protect White Cloud and give his wisdom and guidance as he searches for his true animal spirit. 

Life spirit animals or totems carry meaning, wisdom, and power. A person’s life spirit animal is one who, through its own unique characteristics, will teach them important lessons as they travel through life.

Finding your life spirit animal is like a going on a journey. In Native American cultures, as in many cultures of the world, this journey is called a “vision quest.”

This is a story of a young Native American brave who finds the strength, courage, and wisdom to follow his dream of finding his true animal spirit and taking his rightful place among the men of his tribe.

This book is filled with beautiful color illustrations.

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge, A Matthew Kile Mystery by David Bishop

Who Murdered Garson Talmadge, A Matthew Kile Mystery

Written by: David Bishop

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.davidbishopbooks.com/

Matt Kile, ex-cop and ex-con, and current smart aleck has built a career writing mysteries. Garson Talmadge sold weapons to Saddam Hussein, then came to America and married Clarice, a woman half his age. When Clarice is arrested for murdering her husband, Matt takes the job of investigator for her defense attorney, with suspects stretching from the U.S. into Europe and the Middle East.

Who Would I Be Without You: Based On a True Story of a Little Willingness by James Patrick McDonald

Who Would I Be Without You: Based On a True Story of a Little Willingness

Written by: James Patrick McDonald

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.studentofexperience.com/, http://www.jamespatrickmcdonald.com/

Who Would I Be Without is an empowering account of an ordinary man’s quest for peace. In this passionate and philosophical story, we accompany Nathan Vrite on a courageous quest for this most elusive peace that takes him into the darkest depths of his own soul. Along the way, we realize that Nathan’s story is our own, as he begins to recognize that he is responsible for all of his suffering.

Why Bad Golf Happens to Good People by Glenn R Kessler PhD

Why Bad Golf Happens to Good People

Written by: Glenn R Kessler PhD

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.next-level-performance.com/

Every golfer has left the course thinking about the short putt they missed or trying to justify their poor performance by declaring that their “head wasn’t in the game.” All golfs recognize the importance of the mental game and need to practice as much mentally as they do physically.

Wicked Good by Amy Lewis Faircloth and Joanne Lewis

Wicked Good

Written by: Amy Lewis Faircloth and Joanne Lewis

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.amyandjoanne.com

A single mom struggles to solve the puzzle of a son with Asperger's syndrome in this touching, winsome comic melodrama. Rory Falcon is a bundle of exasperating eccentricities-perpetual pacing, mile-a-minute talkativeness, an obsession with lawn mowers and antique gas cans, an incorrigible refusal to follow instructions or tolerate constraints-combined with a good heart that only his adoptive mother Archer can see. But as he pushes 16 years old, his quirks escalate to drinking, joyriding and muscular rages that can end with him blackening his mom's eye. Archer, a frantically multitasking lawyer who's up for a judgeship, blames her mothering skills for Rory's behavior because there's no one else to blame-least of all her ex-husband Wayne, a whiny man-child still looking to break into a theater career. Then Rory and a high-school hellion named Trish hare off in a stolen car to find Rory's birth mother, and Archer embarks on a journey to recover her son and unearth buried family secrets that stretch all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials. In this entertaining dysfunction romp, the authors cut the pathos with tart humor and vivid characterizations. Hurricane Rory is an indelible portrait of a high-functioning autistic kid who's both off-putting and magnetic; veering between wild, foul-mouthed tantrums, plangent sweetness and locked-down obliviousness, he's as much a mystery to himself as to everyone else. Archer is another vibrant tangle of contradictions; determined to play the stalwart authority figure, she feels like a wreck and a failure-a tiger mom who is nonetheless in serious danger of collapsing in vodka-soaked sniffles into the arms of a comforting teenager. As she walks a fraying maternal tightrope-with plenty of pratfalls-Lewis and Faircloth give readers a hilarious and moving study of familial love that's all the stronger for its conflicts and misgivings.

Wish List by John Locke

Wish List

Written by: John Locke

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://www.donovancreed.com/

When Buddy Pancake and his buddies stumble across the Wish List website, they jokingly post their “impossible” wishes. Imagine their surprise when the wishes start coming true! But Buddy and his pals neglected to read the fine print and now must pay the price for the wishes they’ve been granted. Wish List is a compelling, nail-biting, laugh-out-loud thriller.

Without Any Warning by Peggy Edelheit

Without Any Warning

Written by: Peggy Edelheit

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: http://samanthajamison.com/

Why did my friend disappear, and then a few years later mysteriously reappear on my doorstep? As an author, all I want to do is rent a house on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey to write my next novel in peace and quiet. Unable to resist digging deeper, I am thrown into another web of intrigue, lies and cover-ups, involving two things from my past; one I thought I had closed the book on, and another whose book is mysteriously left open; two mysteries that I shockingly find are somehow connected. Without any warning, I am left to figure out why my storyline turns deadly with me caught in the crosshairs.

Woody Paige’s Chalkboard Tales by Woody Paige

Woody Paige’s Chalkboard Tales

Written by: Woody Paige

Available In: Paperback

Author Website: http://www.woodypaige.com

Before there was Facebook, before there was Twitter, there was Woody Paige's Chalkboard. Compiled here are nearly 2,000 quotes that have appeared alongside Woody on that trusty chalkboard; some witty, some witless, and all under 140 characters. I'm Almost Out of Cha: Woody Paige's Chalkboard Tales chronicles Woody's favorite quotes and asks the $1,000 question; how does he come up with them???

Writing Through the Year (Winter) by Winslow Eliot

Writing Through the Year (Winter)

Written by: Winslow Eliot

Available In: eBook

Author Website: http://www.winsloweliot.com/

Your life is an adventure. Every morning you wake up and anything at all might happen! You can set off on a journey, speak your mind, buy something, sell something, look at a painting, take a walk, be chased by a wild boar … the possibilities are endless. As a writer, you know this is true. You imagine experiences with the soul of an adventurer.

You Can’t Win…UNLESS An Investigative look at the game of blackjack by  Peter Karl

You Can’t Win…UNLESS An Investigative look at the game of blackjack

Written by: Peter Karl

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website:

This is a must book if you have ever walked into a casino and played the game of blackjack. This book is believed to be the first investigative look into the game of blackjack. Written by award winning television investigative reporter Peter Karl, it picks apart every possible hand one can get while playing blackjack.

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