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Entries for September 2019

I was a young prosecutor when I wrote Forbidden Room, rising at 5 each morning to write and then heading to work. With a red carpet beneath my feet and stars in my eyes, I thought I had the world figured out. I’ve learned since then that we actually know nothing, that each day is unpredictable and brings a surprising mixed bag of happiness and sadness or, if we’re lucky, contentment. When my dad would call and ask what was going on and I would respond, “nothing,” he’d say, “that’s good.” Three decades after Forbidden Room was published, I understand that “nothing” is a gem. I’ve published ten books since then, including a second and improved edition of Forbidden Room, Forbidden Night, book two of the Forbidden Trilogy and now Forbidden Horses, the final book of the trilogy. I didn’t realize it was a trilogy until working on the second edition of Forbidden Room when I unde......

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