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Entries for July 2019

Writing a book is a difficult task! You have to be in a certain mental space to complete a book. You aren’t thinking about how get an ISBN number, or how to upload your book to some website, or how to format your book for print, you’re thinking about...

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Bambiline Jelly got its name from Dandelion Jelly.  When children are young they are look at the world as though everything is a miracle and dandelions are one of those miracles.  They race out and pluck off their spikey, yellow heads and bringing them back to their parents proudly.  Do children know something we don’t?  The dandelion is one of nature’s many miracles offering medicinal and nutritional value to our bodies.  A fun way to introduce nature’s gifts to young children is to make Dandelion Jelly.  When we first made this jelly my kids couldn’t pronounce it properly so it became known as “Bambiline” jelly in our house.  It was incredibly fun watching them race through the green grass to the yellow flowers poking up and placing them in their little baskets.  Attached is a recipe for this fun activity, just make sure that you always harvest dandelions in a yard or field that has not been treated with chem......

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