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Entries for July 2012

I learned how to juggle when I was in high school. My brother’s girlfriend was over one New Year’s Eve and while waiting for the ball to drop she taught me the art of keeping three balls in the air at once. I spent the next few hours perfecting my hand eye coordination and becoming talented enough to amuse my friends but not good enough to join the circus. What I didn’t realize that evening was how invaluable learning to juggle would be. Today, like all of us, I use my juggling skills to juggle work, play, family, friends and writing. Typically, I'm editing a book while writing a new one but for the first time I'm working on three books at once. Forbidden Night is a prequel to my best seller, Forbidden Room, Miriam’s Timbrel is a fantasy novel, and Sleeping Cupid is the second book of the Michelangelo & Me series. I have realized that while we all juggle different things in our lives, some juggling is good and some is bad. Good juggling for a novice like......

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