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Entries for February 2015

What is the exact meaning of "cabin fever?'  The term cabin fever was first recorded in 1838.  It's meaning somewhat describes one with claustrophobia (fear of closed in spaces).  Cabin fever occurs after being shut up in doors for an extended period of time.  People who suffer from cabin fever may become irritable, distrustful of others, and have an overwhelming urge to go outside even in inclement weather.  But does the term cabin fever take on a new definition in the 21st century?  Could it actually refer to the opposite of the original meaning of cabin fever?  We have become a society that lives and likes a temperature controlled environment.  Many of us don't want to go outside unless it is sunny and seventy degrees.  We go from our temperature controlled homes to our temperature controlled cars to another place with a thermostat set on a desirable number.   Children are spending less and less time outside then ever b......

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