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Entries for December 2016


Testimonial by Takunda Keith Mahachi and Ali Gorson-Marrow

Me and my partner in crime have come a long way on this writing and publishing journey but with this priceless family called Telemachus we managed to overcome all predicaments. They made us believe that you do not need to have grey hair or to be from an elite group of people in order to be a difference in the world. Despite our young age they believed in us and would tolerate all of our annoying questions and nagging. We would always ask Telemachus what it takes to be the world's best's seller and they would tell us that you should instill a spirit of positivity in you no matter how many rocks block your way, you should just believe that the sky can never be the limit and we should always aim for the stars ...We love you Steve you have been a father ...mentor and above all our torch bearer throughout the journey ...Thanks we love you our priceless family. Would also want to extend my gratitude to my co-author for being tolerant ...supportive and loving. We love you guys.

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Testimonial by Laura Croft

Telemachus Press is a great company to work with when publishing your book. They keep in contact and give you regular updates on the progress of your book. 

They are a friendly team of hard working individuals who offer advice and help if needed. 

The overall design of the book looks fantastic and really professional. 

The process of publishing the book and making it available to buy was quick and easy.

Would recommend working with them.

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