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Medicine From Cave Dwellers to Millennials by Jonathan Stolz

Medicine From Cave Dwellers to Millennials

Written by: Jonathan Stolz

Available In: eBook|Paperback

Author Website: https://www.amazon.com/Jonathan-Stolz/e/B07G2WPQ2K/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Medicine and disease has preoccupied man from the age of the cave dweller to the present day millennial generation. In all cultures and eras populations have sought the means to preserve health and restore it when absent. How physicians and scientists throughout history have traveled the long circuitous journey to comprehend the mysteries of the human body, origins of disease and treat the ill is the subject of this book. Written for today’s patients and medical professionals, the fast-paced narrative delivers compelling insight into older medical practices and gives the reader an appreciation of how medicine has developed through the centuries to the present. In the prehistoric era and ancient civilizations the imagination of early healthcare providers was frequently innovative. They produced a variety of treatments to help the ill and injured without knowing why they worked. Over time into the Middle Ages and Renaissance iconoclastic practitioners set a series of creative stages in motion. These pioneers confronted rigid religious and conservative medical authorities that supported longstanding ineffective medical theories. The discoveries of these pathfinders took medicine to a higher level. With the dawn of the scientific era to the new millennium medical knowledge exploded to become the powerhouse it is today. This monograph provides a thoughtful explanation on how past generations of medical revolutionaries vanquished long-standing hurdles to discover new ideas. To truly appreciate modern medicine it is vital to comprehend how far humans have progressed from that day 40,000 years ago when an unknown cave dweller for the first time fixed a broken leg to the 21st century millennial who has just received a personal genetic profile in the mail.

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